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Early History of the GAA (1884-1891)

Created by juliaakamumu

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Early History of the GAA 18841891 game quiz
"The early history of the GAA was one of the Case Studies on my Leaving Certificate course. Fortunately for me it came up on the exam and I did really well. So I decided to create a quiz on this topic. Hope you will find it interesting and don't forget to"

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1. When was the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) established?
    1 August 1884
    1 October 1884
    1 November 1884
    1 September 1884

2. Where was the GAA set up?

3. Maurice Davin became the first President of the GAA. However the person who was most involved in the establishment of the GAA became a Secretary. What was the name of that person?
    Michael Cusack
    Patrick Hoctor
    Charles Stewart Parnell
    Michael Davitt

4. Who became the patrons of the GAA?
    Parnell, Croke, Davitt
    Croke, Cusack, Davitt
    Parnell, Cusack, Croke
    Davitt, Parnell, Cusack

5. When were the first rules for Gaelic football and hurling introduced?
    17 January 1885
    17 March 1891
    17 February 1887
    17 April 1889

6. At the GAA's Second Annual Convention in 1886 the new Central Council was elected. All of its members, apart from the President Maurice Davin also belonged to the other organisation. What was the name of that organisation?
    IRA (Irish Republican Army)
    IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood)
    Irish Volunteers
    RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary)

7. At the Third Annual Convention in 1887 the new President was elected. Who was he?
    P.N. Fitzgerald
    John O'Leary
    P.T. Hoctor
    E.M. Bennett

8. In January 1888 Maurice Davin was re-elected the President of the GAA. However the GAA experienced major financial problems. In order to raise money Davin led the so-called "American invasion" - 50 GAA men went to the USA to play exhibition matches. The idea did not work and some players stayed in the USA. How many GAA men actually returned home?

9. On 1 April 1888, the first All-Ireland hurling final was played between Galway and Tipperary. Where was the match held?

10. In 1891 the GAA men formed the Guard of Honour at the funeral of the famous but at that time controversial Irish politician. What was the name of that politician?
    Michael Davitt
    John Devoy
    Isaac Butt
    Charles Stewart Parnell

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