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Giant Balls

Created by Nightmare

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : San Francisco Giants
Giant Balls game quiz
"All multiple choice about the Giants baseball franchise. I hope that you enjoy it! :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 1957, the New York Giants moved to San Francisco to become the San Francisco Giants. What was the original name of the franchise?
    New York Gothams
    New York Mutuals
    New York Giants
    Milwaukee Brewers

2. In what season did the Giants win their first National League Championship?

3. Upon the merge of the National and American League, creating the new Major Leagues in 1901, two Giant pitchers won 30 games in the 1904 season. Who were they?
    Joe McGinnity and Christy Mathewson
    Fred Brickell and Chuck Klein
    Rabbit Maranville and Cy Williams
    Phil Cavarretta and Walt Dropo

4. In which decade did the Giants and Yankees first meet in a World Series?

5. Shortly after the 31-season stretch of manager John McGraw ended, which new Giant manager took the team to three World Series from 1932-1941?
    Herman Franks
    Alvin Dark
    Clyde King
    Bill Terry

6. Who was the first Giant to hit 500 career home runs?
    Orlando Cepeda
    Willie Mays
    Mel Ott
    Willie McCovey

7. In 1958, the new San Francisco Giants appeared in their first season on the West Coast. They played in Seals Stadium for two seasons before moving into which ballpark, which the team would use for the rest of the century?
    Three Rivers Stadium
    Candlestick Park
    Forbes Field
    Cable Car Stadium

8. Which year did the San Francisco Giants play in the famous "Earthquake World Series"?

9. Who was the first pitcher to win the franchise's first Cy Young award?
    Christy Mathewson
    Mike McCormick
    Carl Hubbell
    Juan Marichal

10. The Rookie of the Year award began in the Major Leagues in 1947, with Dodger great Jackie Robinson winning the inaugural award. How many Giants won the award to close out the 20th century?

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