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The Pittsburgh Pirates!

Created by Nightmare

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The Pittsburgh Pirates game quiz
"All multiple choice about this fantastic baseball franchise of Pittsburgh. I hope that you have fun! :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Pittsburgh Pirates had the honor of going to the first World Series of Major League baseball in 1903. Which American League team did they meet in this World Series?

2. The Pirates won 103 games in 1902, then a tremendous 110 games in a 152-game season in 1909. How many other times after that did they reach the 100-win mark in the first 100 seasons of Major League baseball from 1901-2000?

3. Who was the first Pittsburgh Pirate pitcher to win the Cy Young award in 1960?
    Vernon Law
    Ron Belliard
    Juan Gonzalez
    Ron Cey

4. The first National League MVP won by a Pittsburgh Pirate was won in 1927. It was one of a two-brother combination in the Pirate outfield. Who was this Pirate who played with his brother in the Pittsburgh outfield from 1927-1940?
    Babe Ruth
    Rogers Hornsby
    Paul Waner
    Willie McCovey

5. This Pirate pitcher went an amazing 18-1 in the 1959 season. Even more amazingly, he finished seventh in the NL MVP voting in the season. Who was this Pittsburgh pitcher?
    Jim Maloney
    Roy Face
    Moe Drabowsky
    Don Newcombe

6. In 1882, the franchise began as the Pittsburgh Alleghenys in the American Association. The team joined the National League in 1887. It would not be until 1901 when the franchise won their first league pennant, after finishing second in 1900. They won it under the helm of Fred Clarke. A major reason for this "all-star" cast on their 1900 and 1901 roster, was absorbing many star players from which defunct team in 1899, including Honus Wagner, Dummy Hoy, Tommy Leach, and also player-manager Fred Clarke?
    Cleveland Spiders
    Cincinnati Red Stockings
    St. Louis Browns
    Louisville Colonels

7. The 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates won an amazing 110 games in the 152-game season. Under player-manager Fred Clarke, they went all the way to the World Series. Which American League team did the Pirates hand their third consecutive World Series loss to?
    Brooklyn Robins
    Detroit Tigers
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Boston Doves

8. Which career Pittsburgh Pirate was inducted into baseball's Hall of Fame in 2001?
    Bill Mazeroski
    Enos Slaughter
    Willie Stargell
    Luis Aparicio

9. The Pirates were 1979 World Series champions. Who did they defeat in the series?
    San Diego

10. Who was the first Pirate inducted into the Hall of Fame?
    Jimmie Foxx
    Pie Traynor
    Honus Wagner
    Mordecai Brown

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