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Blue And Grey Matter

Created by rutgersg

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : U.S. Civil War
Blue And Grey Matter game quiz
"The War of the Rebellion was anything but civil. Here are some interesting and off-beat questions regarding America's bloodiest conflict."

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1. Why was Vice-President Andrew Johnson's inaugural speech difficult to understand at Lincoln's second inauguration?
    He was drunk
    The crowd was unruly
    He had a tooth removed
    His voice was hoarse

2. Which battle hosted America's bloodiest day?
    Cold Harbor
    Pea Ridge

3. Who was the target of the 'Dahlgren Papers'?
    Jefferson Davis
    John Dahlgren
    Robert E. Lee
    Ulrich Dahlgren

4. How many Union prisoners died at Andersonville?

5. More than 200 wounded men were burned alive during the aftermath of this fierce battle.
    Cold Harbor
    The Wilderness
    Port Republic

6. This General was shot by his own men a year after Stonewall Jackson was shot and killed by HIS own troops.
    James Kemper
    Richard Garnett
    James Longstreet
    Felix Zollicoffer

7. There were two 'White Houses' in Washington during the Civil war. How can that be?
    The original was under repair
    One was a well-known brothel
    The original was bombed during the war
    Blair House was the original White House

8. While his men were slaughtered at the Crater, this Union General cowered in a bomb-proof shelter with a bottle of rum.
    John Gregg
    James Ledlie
    Daniel Ruggles
    Jacob Lauman

9. At the hanging of the four Lincoln conspirators, this General clapped his hands to signal the soldiers to drop the platform. Who was he?
    J.F. Hartranft
    Winfield Scott Hancock
    Joseph Holt
    Joseph Hooker

10. After it's defeat, this city refused to celebrate the Fourth of July for the next 81 years.

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Compiled Jun 28 12