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The Inventing Quiz

Created by MTizzone

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The Inventing Quiz game quiz
"How much do you know about the inventions that shaped our world as it is today?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Dynamite is used for commercial rock breaking and quarrying. It has many uses from mining to large scale construction. It was invented by a Swedish chemist. What was his name?
    Albert Einstein
    Ascanio Sobrero
    Enrico Fermi
    Alfred Nobel

2. Today we have many cars, motorbikes, generators, ships, trains, buses and a whole lot more. What do they have in common? They all run on an engine. Early in the 1700s the first type of engine was developed, a steam engine. Who invented this?
    James Watt
    Percy Spencer
    Werner von Siemens
    Thomas Newcomen

3. This man pioneered the electro-mechanical industry and is known around the world for his work with morse code transmitters and telegraphy. The unit of electric conductance is named after him. Who was it?
    Andre-Marie Ampere
    James Watt
    Werner von Siemens
    Alessandro Volta

4. This man did ground breaking theoretical work in physics, coming up with many different theories including the theory of relativity. He also won a Nobel Prize in Physics. He was none other than?
    Thomas Edison
    Albert Einstein
    Alexander Graham Bell
    Isaac Newton

5. Have you ever gone 80km/h in 60km/h zone? Did you go to prom night in a limousine? Have you ever been injured and had to be hurried to hospital? Have you ever ordered pizza and the delivery boy was ten minutes early? Have you ever been in a life threatening situation requiring the help of the police? Well you needed a car, first invented by _____?
    Karl Benz
    Michael Faraday
    Alexader Bell
    Henry Ford

6. Now on to a substance which revolutionized the world of warfare for just over a millennium! It has however been greatly improved by the Swede Alfred Nobel and turned into gunpowder. But prior to gunpowder this substance (which is chemically similar) was used in warfare and even in quarrying. It is rated in F, FF, FFF, FFFF. F being very coarse and FFFF being ground up to a very fine almost dust like substance. This substance is _________ and was invented by the _______?
    Berzinite powder ... Chinese
    Berzinite powder ... Italians
    Black powder ... Romans
    Black powder ... Chinese

7. Diesel, which is a distillate of petroleum, was also developed by Karl Benz (inventor of the gasoline engine).

8. The electric motor is used extensively in our lives. It is used in our pool pumps, grinding machine, fans, heaters, blow dryers, radios, and most household appliances. Michael Faraday's greatest work was in electricity. Did he invent the electric motor?

9. I'm a fan of Nobel. Which of these statements about Alfred Nobel is FALSE?
    Nobel killed his brother
    Nobel died from lung cancer
    His father was a scientist
    He was born in Stockholm

10. Archimedes was truly one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. He came up with countless different formulae and inventions. He truly shaped the world as it is today. He was actually not born in Greece but on Sicily, which is a part of Italy.

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