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"The Holiday" Part III

Created by bron317

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Holiday, The
The Holiday  Part III game quiz
"More about that great 2006 film, "The Holiday"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What kind of work does Miles do?
    film editor
    video store owner
    film composer

2. Who is Charlie?
    Graham's dog
    Iris' dog
    The cab driver
    Amanda's gardener

3. The second time Miles comes to the house, what is happening?
    Hanukkah party
    Christmas tree decorating party
    Fire in the kitchen
    Jasper is there.

4. Where does Miles take Iris on Christmas Eve?
    His mother's house
    The beach
    Video store

5. Miles plays a little game of movie theme songs with Iris. Which of the following movies does Miles NOT pick up?
    Star Wars
    Driving Miss Daisy
    Chariots of Fire

6. Who stars in the movie for which Amanda has just finished a trailer?
    Kate Winslet and Jack Black
    Mike Myers and Leonardo DiCaprio
    Cameron Diaz and Jude Law
    Lindsay Lohan and James Franco

7. Why isn't Miles' girlfriend with him at Christmas?
    She sees he's falling in love with Iris.
    She says she's on location.
    She's spending the week with her family in Canada.
    She doesn't believe in Christmas.

8. What special gift does Miles give to Arthur?
    a "this is your life" type film
    a new suit
    a theme song
    an old photo of Arthur's wife

9. What does Olivia tell Amanda she looks like?
    Her mommy
    A fairy princess
    Her Barbie

10. What does Graham have in his backyard?
    a cow
    an airplane
    an art studio
    a saint bernard dog and dog house

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Compiled Jun 28 12