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Guess The "Spider-Man" Villain

Created by krazy_kop

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Guess The SpiderMan Villain game quiz
"This is a "Spider-Man" Guess-Who-I-Am quiz. If you think you know the villains that took on "Spider-Man" throughout the history of this comic book legend, then you'll have fun with this Guess-Who-I-Am quiz."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I was a thug for the Russian mafia who underwent a series of chemical and radiation treatments in order to transform me into a superhuman spy agent. My first mission was to capture John Jameson, the son of newspaper editor Jonah Jameson. I first appeared in "Amazing Spider-Man #41" in 1966. Who am I?
    Kraven The Hunter

2. I have enough power to destroy a planet, yet I was defeated by "Spider-Man". I can travel through space at near-light-speed, and was once considered a herald of Galactus. I first appeared in "Thor #225" in 1974. Who am I?
    Super Skrull

3. I am an offspring, yet not from birth. I am a spawn of a venomous man, but he is not my father. I began my life in prison, and spent quite a bit of time returning there. I am a creature from outer space, but have never left this planet. I first appeared in "Amazing Spider-Man #344" in 1991. Who am I?

4. I am one enemy, but am three different people. They call me a goblin, but I am not green. I use to be a fashion designer, reporter and international mercenary. Now I'm just a criminal relaxing in the sanctuary of the Caribbean. I first appeared in "Spectacular Spider-Man #43" in 1980. Who am I?
    Green Goblin III
    Green Goblin II

5. A pen in hand is all I need to bring the webcrawler down to his knees. When my typewriter writes, the city listens. Top story, top headline, thats my weapon of choice. I name the worst villains, and make them well known. If you ask me, I'll tell you, I am that web-crawling-menace's worst foe! I first appeared in "Amazing Spider-Man #1" in 1963. Who am I?
    Joseph "Robbie" Robertson
    Eddie Brock
    Barney Bushkin
    J. Jonah Jameson

6. I was the first, but won't be the last. I love disguises, and have even pretended to be dead. I know who "Spider-Man" is, but i am too insane to remember. Kraven is my brother, but we have two different mothers. I first appeared in "Amazing Spider-Man #1" in 1963. Who am I?

7. You're never too old to start a life of crime. Just ask me! I'm as old as the hills, but I can soar like a bird. I'm a brilliant old man and founding member of "The Sinister Six". My suit has wings that I created myself, to help me fly toward my target, and swoop in on the cash. I first appeared in "Amazing Spider-Man #2" in 1963. Who am I?

8. I have the streets under my power, yet I am not a politician. I'm a genius, a businessman, and a rather large fellow. But my tummy's not fat, its pure muscle, you see! My wife and The Rose are near and dear to my heart, but a life of crime is my kingdom and throne. I first appeared in "Amazing Spider-Man #50" in 1967. Who am I?
    Crime Master
    Brother Power

9. I served my country in war as a medic, but I returned from the battlefield amputated and ruined. My career was gone, all I had left was my knowledge. I was determined to create a serum that would regrow my surgeon hand. My experiment succeeded and my arm did grow was not human, but a reptilian in fact! I became what I had become and am a creation of what I created. I first appeared in "Amazing Spider-Man #6" in 1963. Who am I?
    Frog Man
    Dragon Man

10. I was a private investigator, but now I am not. Before I met Jameson I had a clear head, but now I'm insane. He paid me good money to be his personal lab rat, and gave me a green suit with a stinging lethal tail. They say my name was Gargan, but I don't remember that. All I can remember is revenge, not only on that spider, but on Jameson as well. I first appeared in "Amazing Spider-Man #20" in 1965. Who am I?
    Spider Slayers
    The Fly

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