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The Blind NFL Editor

Created by Nightmare

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The Blind NFL Editor game quiz
"The new NFL editor isn't doing very well. See if you can find the errors amongst these writings so this can go to print. I hope that you have fun with it. :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. 2006 was a NFL season to remember. The Ravens, Chargers, and Bears all went 13-3, and the Colts and Patriots both went 12-4. The Raiders brought up the rear with only two wins. In a long awaited Super Bowl, Chicago fans finally saw their Bears in it, but lost to the Indianapolis Colts 29-17.
    The Bears didn't make it to the Super Bowl
    The Atlanta Falcons won the Super Bowl
    The Raiders went 10-6 in 2006
    The Chargers went 14-2 to lead the NFL

2. Super Bowl III was anticipated to be one of the biggest blowouts in pro football. It pitted quarterback Bob Griese and the New York Jets against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts and quarterback Johnny Unitas. After being tired of his underdog status, Griese predicted to worldwide television and guaranteed a victory in that Super Bowl. The Jets won Super Bowl III, 16-7.
    Johnny Unitas was the Colts' running back
    The Colts won the Super Bowl 35-10
    The Super Bowl in question was XXIV
    The Jets quarterback was Joe Namath

3. Eric Dickerson was a Hall of Fame running back, and was noted for the goggles that he wore. Rushing for an unheard record of 2904 yards in 1984 with the Rams, he still couldn't help the Rams even into the playoffs. 1987 saw him as a Colt for the first nine games, then back into a Rams uniform again for the remainder of the season. He made the Pro Bowl six times. The hall took Dickerson in 1999.
    Dickerson was never selected to the Pro Bowl
    The Rams won the Super Bowl in 1984
    His record was 2105 yards
    Eric never played for the Colts

4. Life could not have been better for the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Under head coach Jimmy Johnson, the team went a perfect 14-0 with the arm of Bob Griese and the legs of Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris. Both running backs rushed for 1000+ yards each in the season. Miami went totally undefeated all the way to Super Bowl VII, and defeated the Washington Redskins 14-7.
    Miami defeated the Redskins 55-0 in the Super Bowl
    Their quarterback was Dan Marino
    Their coach was Don Shula
    Csonka rushed for only 894 yards in the season

5. The Pittsburgh Steelers ruled the National Football League in the 1970s. Not only going to four Super Bowls, they won all four with Chuck Knox at the helm of the club. With Terry Bradshaw taking snaps, Franco Harris in the backfield, and Lynn Swann waving his arms, the Steelers could seemingly do no wrong. They won Super Bowl IX over Minnesota, X over the Cowboys, then XIII over the Cowboys again, and topped them all off in Super Bowl XIV with a victory over the Rams.
    Pittsburgh went to only two Super Bowls in the 1970s
    The star Steeler running back was John Riggins
    The Steelers went to four Super Bowls, but lost three of them
    Chuck Knox never coached the Steelers

6. The 2004 season seemed to be all about Indianapolis' Peyton Manning, who broke Terry Bradshaw's season record for throwing 49 touchdown passes. Although the New England Patriots finished 14-2, all eyes were on Manning. But, it isn't about personal stats as much as how they team finishes. The Colts never got to the championship game. They were embarrassed by the Patriots 20-3, then New England went on to win the Super Bowl.
    The record once belonged to Dan Marino
    Manning never threw more than 40 TD passes in a season
    The Colts won the championship game 20-3, then went on to win the Super Bowl
    The Patriots went 3-13 in 2004

7. My name is Dan Reeves. I played my football with the Cowboys as a running back. After my playing days, I coached the Broncos, Giants, and Atlanta. All total, I was a head coach for 23 seasons. I took Denver to three Super Bowls but didn't win any. I also took the Falcons to a Super Bowl, but couldn't win either. I retired in 1993 with the most losses for a head coach in NFL history with 165, breaking Hank Stram's record of 162 losses.
    The article is about head coach Mel Renfro
    Reeves never played for the Dallas Cowboys
    Reeves never coached the Atlanta Falcons
    Reeves broke Tom Landry's loss record

8. Professional football began in 1920 with the APFA. The "NFL" name came in 1922 with 18 teams in the league. The Canton Bulldogs won the championship by going 10-0-2 in the season, and led the league by scoring 182 points. The 2007 New York Giants franchise appeared in their first season in 1921 as the New York Gothams, but folded after losing their first two games in the season. The franchise reappeared in 1925, again as the Gothams, and went 8-4 for a fourth place finish. They changed their name to the Giants in 1929, and finished second to the Packers with a record of 13-1-1. 1930 saw the team with their first NFL championship going 13-4, ahead of the runner-up Green Bay Packers.
    New York did not begin in the NFL until 1943
    The New York team was always named the Giants
    There was never a NFL team named the Canton Bulldogs
    New York's first NFL championship was in 1987

9. Looking back at some league leaders in 2006 found LaDainian Tomlinson of the Chargers winning the rushing crown with 1815 yards. Priest Holmes of the Chiefs took a backseat with his 1789 yards. In the air was Chad Johnson of the Bengals who caught 1369 passing yards, just three more than Marvin Harrison of the Colts. Terrell Owens of the Cowboys finished off the season with a NFL leading 13 receiving touchdowns while Marvin Harrison had 12. The arm strength saw quarterback Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, lead the league with 4418 yards passing.
    Carson Palmer led the league in passing
    LaDainian Tomlinson played for the Falcons in 2006
    Terrell Owens was a Philadelphia Eagle in 2006
    Larry Johnson was the Chiefs running back

10. 1927 was a year for New York indeed. The Yankees and Babe Ruth's 60 home runs in the season won the World Series. The football Giants won the NFL Championship with their 11-1-1 record. Amazingly with their 11 wins, the Giants shutout 10 of their opponents, and ironically, their only loss was a shutout by the Cleveland Bulldogs in week 5, 6-0. The Giants were led by head coach Curly Lambeau.
    The NFL Giants did not begin their franchise until 1953
    No team ever had 10 shutouts in any season
    No Cleveland Bulldog team ever existed in the NFL
    Lambeau never coached the Giants

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