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Perfection is the Paper Clip

Created by FussBudget

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Thematic 10Q Average
Perfection is the Paper Clip game quiz
"The paper clip, what a great idea! You can do all sorts of things with them, many of which were not originally intended. We see them every day, we bend them out of shape, we throw them at colleagues! Yet, do we make any effort to understand them?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the primary constituent of a paper clip?
    Carbon fibre
    Steel or Plastic

2. Which of the following activities cannot be undertaken with a paper clip?
    Opening a lock
    Re-wiring a fuse
    Using it as a screwdriver
    As a replacement for your car aerial

3. Counting all of the bends in a common paper clip (one that bends back on itself three times), how many degrees do we end up with?
    360 degrees
    270 degrees
    180 degrees
    540 degrees

4. Slothful work colleague number one is freaking out because his CD drive has swallowed his prized disc of soothing Michael Bolton music and the eject button is refusing to work. You tell him that he needs to get a paper clip and stick it somewhere! Where does he need to stick his paper clip?
    No! Not there!
    In the small hole under the CD tray
    Into the microphone socket whilst pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE
    Into the nearest power point

5. What was "Operation Paperclip"?
    A WWII operation to extract scientists from Nazi Germany
    A WWII operation to infiltrate the S.S. with counter-spies
    A WWII operation to assassinate Adolf Hitler
    A WWII operation to deliver bombs via gliders

6. It is said that in less than a year, a Canadian man, via shrewd bartering, started with one red paper clip and ended up with a house after 14 separate trades. True or false?

7. Which of the following items do not perform the same end function as a paper clip?
    Hole Punch

8. You're at work in the office and you find that all of the paper clips have mysteriously disappeared from your drawer. It turns out that slothful work colleague number two has been spending her time collecting them for an unintended purpose. What was she most likely doing with them?
    Inserting them inside the staplers to keep the staple rows from popping upwards
    Creating endless paper clip chains
    Straightening them out to use as toothpicks in the lunch room
    Throwing them away. Paper clips are the devil's work!

9. "The Paper Clip Project" is the name of a monument to recognise what?
    The longevity of the paper clip
    Jewish victims of the holocaust
    The recycling of steel and metal products
    Giant works of art created by Salvador Dali

10. Do you remember that animated paper clip that used to pop up in earlier versions of Microsoft Word? What name was given to it?
    Clip Dude

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Compiled Jun 28 12