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Yes Virginia, There Is an Oshkosh

Created by tinybubs

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Wisconsin
Yes Virginia There Is an Oshkosh game quiz
"There are quizzes about New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, so here is one about a small city: Oshkosh, Wisconsin."

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1. How did the City of Oshkosh get its name?
    Because of its location on Lake Oshkosh
    After Oshkosh B'Gosh
    By German settlers
    In honor of Chief Oshkosh

2. Oshkosh is located on the western side of which lake?
    Lake Superior
    Lake Michigan
    Lake Winnebago
    Lake Oshkosh

3. What is Oshkosh's nickname?
    Lake Fly Capitol of the World
    City of Bikes
    Sawdust City
    World Ice Fishing Capital

4. Wisconsin isn't the only state lucky enough to have an Oshkosh. Where else can you find another city named Oshkosh?

5. Oshkosh is home to what famous clothing manufacturer?
    Levi Straus
    Oshkosh B'Gosh
    Wrangler Jeans

6. What major transportation manufacturer has its headquarters in Oshkosh?
    Cooper Tires
    Oshkosh Truck

7. Every summer 700,000 people attend this event in Oshkosh.
    Harley-Davidson Antique Motorcycle Show
    Midwest Sailing Championships
    EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
    Green Bay Packers Training Camp

8. Oshkosh hosts one of the largest annual Country Music Festivals in the United States. What is it called?
    Wisconsin Bluegrass Festival
    Country U.S.A.
    Porterfield Music Festival

9. One of the largest Christian Music Festivals in the country comes to Oshkosh every summer, it is called?
    Christconsin Fest
    Midwest Catholic Music Festival
    Fox Valley Summer Fest

10. During the 70s, Oshkosh became well known for its St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Who coined the phrase "There are only two places to be on St. Patrick's Day, Dublin Ireland and Oshkosh Wisconsin"?
    The Mayor of Dublin
    Senator William Proxmire
    Walter Cronkite
    Johnny Carson

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