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Florida Marlins History

Created by LucyPeanut

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Florida Marlins History game quiz
"This quiz should be enjoyable for baseball fans and especially for fish fans. So good luck and enjoy."

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1. Who was the first manager of the Florida Marlins?
    Vada Pinson
    Jim Leyland
    Rene Lachemann
    Cookie Rojas

2. Who were the MVPs of the 1997 and 2003 Marlin World Series winning seasons?
    Livan Hernandez and Josh Beckett
    Moises Alou and Derek Lee
    Edgar Renteria and Josh Beckett
    Kevin Brown and Ivan Rodriguez

3. Who started a majority of the Marlins' games at second base during their innagural season of 1993?
    Kurt Abbott
    Luis Castillo
    Bret Barberie
    Quilvio Veras

4. What former Pittsburgh Pirate led the Marlins in home runs during their innagural 1993 season?
    Jeff Conine
    Orestes Destrade
    Gary Sheffield
    Bobby Bonilla

5. What Marlin hit the walk-off RBI single to beat the Cleveland Indians the 1997 World Series?
    Craig Counsell
    Gary Sheffield
    Darren Daulton
    Edgar Renteria

6. What Marlin infielder/outfielder was the MVP of the 1995 All-Star game?
    Gary Sheffield
    Jeff Conine
    Bobby Bonilla
    Moises Alou

7. In 2003, Juan Pierre won the NL stolen base title. How many Marlins had won the stolen base title before him?

8. I was runner-up to Chris Carpenter for the 2005 Cy Young Award. Who am I?
    Josh Beckett
    Carl Pavano
    Dontrelle Willis
    Armando Benitez

9. How many seasons did the franchise take to win its first World Series?

10. Which of these men had never managed the Marlins?
    Tony Perez
    Buddy Bell
    John Boles
    Jeff Torborg

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