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Junior Choice

Created by Supersal1

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Junior Choice game quiz
"Brits of a certain age will remember Saturday mornings listening to "Junior Choice" on the radio. How much do you remember about the programme and the music it broadcast?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Ed Stewart was the longest running presenter of "Junior Choice". Who presented the show before him?
    Stu Francis
    Peter Glaze
    Leslie Crowther
    Michael Aspel

2. Who replaced Ed Stewart as presenter in 1980?
    Peter Powell
    John Peel
    Kid Jensen
    Tony Blackburn

3. On what station was "Junior Choice" broadcast?
    Radio 4
    Radio 1
    Radio 2
    Radio 3

4. "Morningtown Ride" was the introductory music to the show for most of the time that Ed Stewart presented it. Which group took this song to No. 2 in the UK charts in December 1966?
    The Seekers
    Peter, Paul and Mary
    Simon and Garfunkel
    The New Seekers

5. "Junior Choice" evolved from another programme that aired between 1954-1966. What was the name of this programme?
    "Kiddy Time"
    "Children's favourites"
    "Listen With Mother"
    "Junior Rock"

6. Anyone who listened to "Junior Choice" in its heyday will remember the song "My Bruvver". Which comedian sang it?
    Benny Hill
    Terry Scott
    Spike Milligan
    Michael Bentine

7. Another often requested song on "Junior Choice" was by Charlie Drake, complaining that something wouldn't come back. What was that something?
    Answer: (One Word, nine letters - think Australia)

8. Another song involved the singer enquiring into the cost of what animal that languished in a pet shop window?

9. Which singer noisily lamented that "I've Lost My Mummy"?
    Answer: (Two words, or just surname ... 4+6 letters - better known as TV presenter and artist)

10. Ed Stewart played a catchphrase of a cheeky young boy saying something. What was he saying?
    "Show Us Yer Knickers"
    "I'm Telling Mum"
    "Give Us A Kiss"
    "'Ello darlin'"

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Compiled Jun 28 12