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Edible People

Created by Cymruambyth

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : History of Food
Edible People game quiz
"Down through the centuries people have been honoured by having dishes and drinks named for them. With how many of these eponymous treats are you familiar?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. This well-known dish of beef, pate, mushrooms, truffles and a Madeira sauce encased in a pastry crust was named for a famous general. Which dish is it?
    Bonaparte's Ribs
    Washington Pie
    Beef Wellington
    Beef Stroganoff

2. An American president came in for some criticism after he declared a great fondness for French soups. In what can only be deemed a bold PR move, the White House issued its recipe for this soup, claiming it to be the President's absolute favourite of all soups! Which soup and which President?
    Clam Chowder - JFK
    Hamburger Soup - Ronald Reagan
    Corn Chowder - FDR
    Chicken Noodle Soup - Bill Clinton

3. There's some disagreement over the origin of the famed Reuben sandwich, a staple on many deli/diner menus in North America. One version has it that it was created by an Omaha grocer for his poker pals. Who was the grocer?
    Gerald Reuben
    Arnold Reuben
    Reuben Kolakofsky
    Reuben Schmidt

4. Jeanne Poisson, mistress of one of the French kings, was mightily interested in good food, among other things, and her title has been appended to a variety of dishes. What was her title?
    Marquise de Maintenon
    Duchesse d'Aubigny
    Duchesse d'Etampes
    Marquise de Pompadour

5. The stars of stage, screen and television have been honoured by having edibles and potables named for them. For whom is the Margarita supposedly named?
    Margaret O'Brien
    Rita Moreno
    Rita Hayworth
    Greta Garbo (who played Marguerite Gauthier in 'Camille')

6. Eggs Benedict is a popular breakfast dish, and there are two versions of how the dish got its name. I've listed one of the genuine contenders here. Who is it?
    Benedict Arnold
    St. Benedict
    Pope Benedict XVI
    Lemuel Benedict

7. Coquilles St. Jacques, a delicious concoction of scallops, butter, garlic and cream, is named for one of the apostles. True or false?

8. This famous pasta dish was reputedly created for his wife by an Italian restaurateur.
    Pasta Primavera
    Macaroni Lucullus
    Fettucine Alfredo
    Tortellini Angela

9. In 1950, Giuseppe Cipriani, owner of Harry's Bar in Venice named this beef dish for a Venetian painter. What dish?

10. A very good champagne is named for a Benedictine monk who lived in the 17th century. What is the champagne called?
    Answer: (Two Words)

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