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Nebraska: Where the West Begins

Created by Gheelnory

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Nebraska Where the West Begins game quiz
"Both the Romance of the Old West, and the nitty-gritty details of daily living in bygone centuries, are celebrated in the great state of Nebraska. Here are ten questions about some of Nebraska's most interesting history-themed destinations."

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1. Minden is the site of Harold Warp's Pioneer Village. This attraction includes a fort, Pony Express station, blacksmith shop, general store, and the chance to ride which of these?
    A steam carousel
    One of 17 early airplanes
    An antique tractor
    A small-gauge railway

2. Nebraska City hosts the National Arbor Day Foundation headquarters. Guests will find a celebration of this American institution's promotion of tree planting, when they visit which of these?
    Arbor Heritage Park
    Morton Museum of the American Forest
    Tree House Conference and Exhibition Center
    Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure

3. This unusual museum arches right over I-80. With its life-size dioramas, classic cars, and high-tech displays, the Great _______ River Road Archway Monument pays tribute to settlers of which river valley?

4. Many small towns in Nebraska showcase their pride in their heritage in modest museums. The Custer County Historical Society Museum, was (like the Archway) featured in the movie "About Schmidt"; it's located in which town?
    Broken Bow
    Mason City

5. The Great Plains Black History Museum (closed in 2001) was housed in the 1906 Webster Telephone Exchange Building--one of over 100 National Register of Historic Places entries found in which city?
    Grand Island

6. Omaha's Durham Western Heritage Museum is housed in the 1931 Art Deco downtown landmark, the Union Station. One gallery commemorates the history of trains in the area. Which of these lines operated through Omaha?
    St. Paul Great Western
    Midland Union Railway
    Nebraska Midland Railroad
    Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific

7. The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer is found in Grand Island. Since the early 1960s, visitors have received their introduction to the museum and its offerings from a film featuring which native Nebraskan?
    Marlon Brando
    James Coburn
    Johnny Carson
    Henry Fonda

8. The Stuhr Museum's living history village contains over sixty restored buildings, including a schoolhouse, church, tinsmith shop, and planing mill. What is the name of this attraction?
    Old Stuhr Village
    Pioneer Town
    Railroad Town

9. A few yards from the main building of the Stuhr Museum is the Gus Fonner Memorial Rotunda. The wagon-wheel-shaped floor plan of this facility is the setting for displays that focus on what main theme?
    The history and manufacture of wagons and other 19th century transportation
    The story of Nebraska's famed rotelle (or ruote--wagon-wheel-shaped pasta) industry
    Horse-breeding and horse-racing in Nebraska
    Native American and other Old West memorabilia and artifacts

10. This quiz title echoes the slogan of the 1967 Nebraska Centennial: NEBRASKAland: Where the West Begins. Which of these rock formations is the Nebraska location posited as the actual place "where the west begins"?
    Haystack Rock
    Chimney Rock
    Delicate Arch
    Tower Rock

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