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Math Problems with LCM & GCF

Created by aylin_n

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Specific Math Topics
Math Problems with LCM  GCF game quiz
"Can you solve these problems related to Lowest Common Multiples and Greatest Common Factors?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Mr. Brackett works in factory with his two sons. He is really happy with his job because he gets to spend some time with his beloved sons not only at home but also at work! He is allowed to take a break every 140 minutes while his two sons are allowed to take breaks in 210 minutes and 280 minutes. How many minutes will they have to wait after their first break together to get together again?
    Answer: (Just the number)

2. Ms.Rose is really into gardening and she dotes on her new yard. She has a rectangle-shaped garden full of beautiful flower beds but she decides she needs more trees. She wants to plant trees on every side and she would like to have them placed the same distance from each other. If the long sides of her garden are each 24m long and the short sides each 18m long, what is the fewest number of trees she should plant?
    Answer: (Just the number)

3. Mr. and Mrs. White are soon moving into their new home. They would like to have their bathroom floor tiled. The bathroom is rectangle shaped and has sides 4.6m & 6m. What's the side of the biggest square-shaped tile (in centimeters) that could be used so that no space is left without tiles? (don't forget he can't cut the tiles and disregard the grout for the tiles)
    Answer: (Just the number)

4. John, who is only 7, wants to be an architect when he grows up so his parents have built him a little shed in the backyard. Today he has some bricks with which he is planning to make his masterpiece! If his bricks have dimensions 10cm, 20cm and 25cm, what's the volume of the smallest cube (in cm3) he could build using these bricks?
    Answer: (Just the number)

5. Ms.Walker is arranging her students into groups for the next school debate. When she groups them in 5s, 2 students are left out. When she groups them in 4s, 1 student is left out. When she groups them in 7s, 4 students are left out. What is the least number of students Ms.Walker has?
    Answer: (Just the number)

6. Mrs.Bell owns a small grocery store. She has just received 3 sacks of sugar weighing 27kg, 36kg and 72kg and she wants to put them in equal-sized bags before she sells them. What's the least number of bags she would need if she doesn't want any sugar to be left without a bag?
    Answer: (Just the number)

7. When people joining a competition are grouped in 4s, 5s or 6s, 1 person is left out each time. If we know that there are at least 150 people joining the competition, what's least number of people in this group?
    Answer: (Just the number)

8. Mrs.Flynn has baked 84 raisin cookies, 106 muffins and 128 chocolate chip cookies, which all smell delicious! They smell so good she would like to keep 4 raisin cookies, 6 muffins and 8 chocolate chip cookies for herself though she know she has to cut down on sweets. She'll then put the rest into boxes with equal numbers of each type. What would be the largest number of cookies or muffins in each box?
    Answer: (Just the number)

9. Mrs.Stephens has just baked a fruit cake for her son's birthday party. The cake is shaped like a rectangular prism with dimensions 6cm, 8cm and 10 cm. She would like to cut the cake into equal sized cubes so that it's easier for the kids to eat it. What's the least number of cubes she could get so that no part of the cake remains?
    Answer: (Just the number)

10. Ms.Pearl is shopping at a supermarket. She is getting things for the sandwiches she is going to prepare for next Sunday's picnic. She sees that hamburger buns come in packs of 8 but the hamburgers themselves are in packages of 10. What's the least number of packets she should get of each so that there are no leftovers?
    Answer: (write the number of bun packets first, leave space and then the number of hamburger packets)

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Compiled Jun 28 12