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The 1927 New York Yankees!

Created by Nightmare

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The 1927 New York Yankees game quiz
"One of the greatest teams in baseball history, this is about the 1927 New York Yankees. I hope that you have fun with it! :-)"

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1. The 1927 Yankees found themselves in their fifth World Series. Which manager took the team to all five of these in 1927?
    Joe McCarthy
    Ralph Houk
    Casey Stengel
    Miller Huggins

2. The 1927 Yankees had some batting for sure, and saw Babe Ruth set a new record for hitting 60 home runs in the season. Who was the Yankee runner-up that hit 47 in the season?
    Goose Goslin
    Rogers Hornsby
    Mel Ott
    Lou Gehrig

3. The 1927 Yankees had six pitchers win in double-figures in the season. How many of those won 20+ games?

4. The 1927 season found two Yankee sluggers in a home run battle. Who was the first Yankee to hit 45 home runs in the season?
    Babe Ruth
    Rogers Hornsby
    Mel Ott
    Lou Gehrig

5. Who did the Yankees play in the 1927 World Series?
    New York Giants
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    St. Louis Browns
    Washington Senators

6. The Yankees went 110-44, the first time the franchise had won 100 games in a season. The Philadelphia Athletics finished second, 19 games back. Which team finished last, 59 games behind the Yankees?
    Boston Red Sox
    Minnesota Twins
    Baltimore Orioles
    Cleveland Naps

7. The attendance for the 1918 season was typical for the pre-Babe Ruth Yankee era. 282,047 fans watched the team finish fourth. The Babe arrived in 1920. What was the attendence in 1927?

8. The Yankees had an amazing five of their eight starting regulars bat over .300 in the season. Which pitcher got into the act by hitting over .300 also?
    Myles Thomas
    Howard Ehmke
    Rube Walberg
    Cy Young

9. How many total 1927 Yankees players were later inducted into the Hall of Fame?

10. Who led the team with the most hits in the season?
    Bob Meusel
    Lou Gehrig
    Earle Combs
    Babe Ruth

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