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The Little Vampire

Created by sunEbeaches

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The Little Vampire game quiz
"It's a fun little Halloween movie."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who played the main character, Tony Thompson?
    Rollo Weeks
    Jonathon Lipnicki
    Jacob Smith
    Dean Cook

2. The Thompson family was relocated to a new country for Bob's job. What country did they move to?

3. In Tony's new house he had constant nightmares about vampires. One night, when his parents were at a banquet, Tony dressed up like a vampire. Which vampire came to visit him?
    Anna Sackville-Bagg
    Frederick Sackville-Bagg
    Gregory Sackville-Bagg
    Rudolph Sackville-Bagg

4. Rookery, the villain, was always spotting the Sackville-Bagg clan. He was after something that he thought they had. The Sackville-Bagg clan was in search of a certain thing, that would be devastating if Rookery found it first. What was it?
    magical stone
    the amulet
    family shield

5. Frederick Sackville-Bagg, Rudolph's father, immediately disliked Tony. He thought since Tony was a mortal human, he either wanted to help Rookery or do everything in his power to stop them from getting the amulet. What did Tony do that made Frederick Sackville-Bagg dislike him a little less?
    explained that he knew where the amulet was
    told him that Rudolph and he would be the best of friends no matter what
    took him to the amulet
    shared a vision with him

6. Since Tony was new to the country and "made up stories" about vampires, kids picked on him. There were two especially mean ones, who made Tony's life miserable. Rudolph found out who they were and scared them into obeying Tony. Who were the kids?
    Robert and Sean McAshton
    Robert and Sean Thompson
    Nigel and Flint Thompson
    Nigel and Flint McAshton

7. Anna Sackville-Bagg developed a crush on Tony. She gave him a present and told him to do something if he ever needed her. What did she give him and what did she tell him to do?
    a rat's tail and told him to stomp his right foot
    a dead bird and told him to yell
    a dead rat and told him to whistle
    a dead flower and told him to snap his fingers

8. When Tony got trapped in a coffin, Anna went to the rescue, in the middle of the day, with her brother Rudolph. How did they manage that, since vampires can't go out in daylight?
    She climbed through the trees.
    She and Rudolph crawled underground.
    She and Rudolph got wrapped in aluminum foil with a helmet.
    She and Rudolph waited until it got dark.

9. When the Sackville-Baggs woke up from their day sleep, they realized that all of their children were missing. They went to knock on the Thompson's door to asked them for a ride to the cliff. The Thompsons asked about their strange attire; what was their excuse for wearing strange attire?
    They were aristocrats.
    They're not wearing weird clothes, the Thompsons were.
    It was a costume party.
    It was for a play they were in.

10. The vampires made it to the cliff in time and changed back into humans, all thanks to Rudolph and Tony. They retrieved the amulet from Rookery and Tony had to wish for the vampires to change into humans. Who played the little vampire, Rudolph?
    Jonathan Lipnicki
    Dean Cook
    Richard E. Grant
    Rollo Weeks

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Compiled Jun 28 12