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The Rutabaga

Created by scalar

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The Rutabaga game quiz
"September was National Rutabaga Month in the USA. Here are some totally trivial questions about this Rodney Dangerfield of vegetables."

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1. It is hard to find many people who name the rutabaga as their favorite vegetable. It is a close relative of this other not-overwhelmingly popular veggie and is often called a "Yellow" one.
    Answer: (One Word, Six Letters)

2. The rutabaga is considered to be a cross between the turnip and which of these?

3. Another closely related vegetable to the rutabaga is:
    Brussels sprouts
    All three are related

4. I have to admit I have not been a regular consumer of rutabagas, so I purchased some twice recently to help prepare this quiz.
Most cookbooks recommend peeling and dicing the rutabaga into inch or so cubes.
What is the best implement, used with care, to do the dicing?
    A paring knife
    A strong, sharp knife
    A fork
    A hatchet

5. Most cookbooks call for boiling the diced rutabaga for 20 to 30 minutes, but the published range is actually 10 minutes to several hours.

6. Ithaca, New York holds an annual event in which rutabagas are substituted for the normal equipment in what sport?

7. Rutabagas may have actually preceded pumpkins in the Halloween tradition of carving Jack-o-Lanterns.

8. I bought some rutabagas recently. One check-out clerk paged frantically through the vegetable pages in his guide and finally asked "Is this a rutabaga?" The other did the same, but she gave up and asked, "OK, what the heck is this."
Their unfamiliarity probably came from the fact that the annual United States per capita consumption of rutabagas (in pounds) is:
    Less than One

9. It proved difficult to come up with ten questions about the rutabaga, so we'll go back to the origin of its name. It comes from the Swedish "rotabagge" meaning:
    More flavorful when cooked
    Hard as a rock
    Round Root
    Hard to cook

10. At this time, no health issues have been linked to excessive consumption of rutabagas.

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Compiled Jun 28 12