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Play Fruit and Vegetables Topic Mash! - Scores
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 Behold, the Pomegranate
Do you find yourself intrigued by the pomegranate? No? Well come along anyway and let's find out about this fascinating fruit.
10 Q
Jan 27 08
9345 plays
2 Endive's Game
While her more famous cousin Ender was busy saving mankind, Endive Wiggin took on the lesser - but no less important - challenge of discovering tasty ingredients for a great salad. Here are excerpts from her search log ...
Very Easy
10 Q
May 18 14
633 plays
3 Ten Uses for Bananas
Apart from their consumption, that is. Bananas and their peels appear to be a useful for quite a number of other different things. How many do you know?
Not Rated
10 Q
0 plays
4 How the Potato Changed The World
Whilst it may appear as merely a humble foodstuff, the potato's role in history has been a remarkable and idiosyncratic tale of conquest, diplomacy, edict and famine.
15 Q
Aug 17 09
1980 plays
5 Attack of the 50-ft. Avocado
Eek! A giant avocado has attacked Quizzyland and is now on the loose! Help the Quizzyland warriors to find and defeat the rogue fruit by providing them with information about it. Good luck!
10 Q
Jun 15 12
651 plays
6 Please, No Peas
Since you asked so nicely, there will be no green peas in this quiz, but plenty of other legumes.
10 Q
Mar 11 12
1296 plays
7 Planet of the Grapes
The delicious grape is eaten world-wide, and is also the subject of a number of bad jokes which you can groan over in the extra information for each question.
10 Q
Nov 14 11
768 plays
8 The Scintillating Science of Strawberries
The strawberry is really much more complex and interesting than we give the little guy credit for. Find out why!
10 Q
Feb 11 11
486 plays
9 The Perfect Pear
Pears are my favourite fruit. Here's a juicy fact file bent on making you crave for one.
10 Q
Nov 13 08
975 plays
10 Salad Daze
Salads are a simple and refreshing way of ensure we manage to get our daily requirement of vegetables in our diet. How much do you know about them?
10 Q
Jan 29 09
2595 plays
11 Bananas!
This quiz is based on the world's most popular fruit. I hope you find it both fun and educational. (In honor of Bill2004, perhaps the banana's greatest fan.)
Very Difficult
10 Q
Nov 08 07
3021 plays
12 Romp Through the Mushrooms
If you love mushrooms as much as I, this quiz should be a mouth-watering pleasure. Do you care for your mushrooms sauteed, stir-fried or just plain raw? Perhaps you love a good Ragout or prefer a lovely Duxelles? Regardless...have fun and happy eating!
10 Q
Oct 19 01
2634 plays
13 Addicted to Spuds
"Weird Al" Yankovic was so right with the title of his song which is now the title of this quiz. The potato is a very versatile vegetable. Here are some potato treats for you to guess and drool over. This quiz will probably be America-centric.
10 Q
Feb 26 13
1680 plays
14 Red, Red Vine
That's not quite what Neil Diamond wrote, and not all the fruits in this quiz grow on vines either, but they are all red. Don't get too stained with juice while playing.
10 Q
Dec 10 12
663 plays
15 A Bee to Zee of Fruit
My friend wants to make a fruit salad with fruits whose names begin with every letter of the English alphabet. He has already chosen apricot for the letter A, but he wants your help with the others. Let's start with letter B.
25 Q
Apr 07 14
783 plays
16 The Quintessential Quince
Here are ten questions on that most amazing of fruits - the quince. Enjoy yourself.
10 Q
Jul 26 11
306 plays
17 Medicinal Fruits
Fruits are not only delicious to consume, but many of them have been used over the centuries in the field of alternative medicines as well. Here are ten of them for you to work out.
10 Q
May 05 13
1626 plays
18 Olives!
Olives and olive oil are an important part of the diet throughout the Mediterranean. This quiz is about this amazing fruit.
10 Q
Nov 12 07
2196 plays
19 I Yam What I Yam
This quiz is about the yummy vegetable known as the yam.
10 Q
Jun 12 14
423 plays
20 Apple of My Eye
A fun and interesting quiz about apples. Varieties and other trivial things about this popular fruit are explored. Good luck!
10 Q
Jan 07 13
795 plays
21 Fruit & Veg Salad
Thanks to our friend Jamie Oliver, I've discovered some interesting facts about both fruits and veggies, how much do you know?
20 Q
Oct 03 08
2748 plays
22 The Rutabaga
September was National Rutabaga Month in the USA. Here are some totally trivial questions about this Rodney Dangerfield of vegetables.
10 Q
Nov 13 07
492 plays
23 The Fun in Fungi
It is great fun going out mushroom hunting with someone who knows what they are doing; and you get to eat what you've found! Here are some recipes. All you need to do is choose the correct mushroom to finish the dish.
10 Q
Oct 30 13
408 plays
24 You Say 'To-mah-to' and I Say 'To-may-to'
The tomato has been in the news lately in the US. What do we really know about this popular food? Come, take a tour of the world of tomatoes with me.
10 Q
Jun 25 08
2016 plays
25 Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables
This is a quiz on uncommon fruits and vegetables. Not very easy at all. Good luck and enjoy!
15 Q
Sep 24 00
7989 plays
26 Garlic: Not Just to Repel Vampires
Garlic may be well known for repelling vampires but it's even better to make recipes taste more delicious. In fact, some recipes are based wholly on this tiny vegetable. I am doing this quiz in answer to a challenge of the same title
10 Q
Sep 24 09
774 plays
27 Eat More Green - In Any Colour
Fruits and vegetables can add multiple colours to a dish. What do you know about the following fruits, vegetables or recipes containing them? Not all questions are multiple choice.
10 Q
Aug 13 13
663 plays
28 The Humble Chickpea
It is small and seemingly insignificant but the chickpea has some surprising qualities and uses.
10 Q
Apr 21 09
756 plays
29 Beans, Glorious Beans
A light-hearted and mixed beanbag of questions about all sorts of beans from all sorts of places.
10 Q
Apr 16 07
1566 plays
30 International Year Of The Potato 2008
The U.N. declared 2008 the year of the potato. What do you know about 'spuds'? Let's find out.
10 Q
Nov 26 08
780 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* To what related plant family do the garlic, leek, chives, and onions belong?
* What ingredient is necessary to make a Florentine dish?
* What fruit comes in varieties of Gravenstein and Stayman?
* What wine is sweet in a Manhattan and dry in a martini?
* In British tradition, this herb is placed on the graves of English heroes.

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