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Lab Safety Rules

Created by emejia

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Lab Safety Rules game quiz
"This quiz is about lab safety rules. Make sure you know the rules. Hope you enjoy the quiz. "

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Long hair must be secured to the back of your head.

2. What things do you need to wear before beginning any laboratory exercise?
    Safety apron or a lab coat
    All of these

3. What should you do if a glass breakage occurs?
    Immediately contact your teacher.
    Leave it where it is without telling anyone.
    Run out of the classroom.
    Touch it to see if it is safe.

4. What should you maintain in your lab work area?
    A clean and tidy work space.
    Chemicals spread all around you.
    A messy work space.
    Lots of food and drink.

5. What should you do if a flame from a burner leaps out of the burner toward you?
    Get out of the way and turn the gas off immediately.
    Touch the flame to see how hot it is.
    Touch it with your finger to turn off the fire.
    None of these.

6. Always point a test tube or bottle that is being heated towards you and others.

7. If you are heating a liquid, what should you NEVER do?
    Heat the liquid in an open container.
    All of these.
    Add boiling chips to the container.
    Heat the liquid in a closed container.

8. What should you NEVER do if you have heated a container?
    All of these.
    Test its temperature.
    Pick up the container with your hand.
    Pick up the container with a clamp.

9. Never heat a chemical unless instructed to do so.

10. What should you NEVER do in the lab?
    Play practical jokes on people.
    All of these.
    Run while holding a beaker with chemicals.
    Mess around with your friends.

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Compiled Jun 28 12