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Martha Grimes' "Richard Jury" Novels

Created by jalicook

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Martha Grimes Richard Jury Novels game quiz
"The cast of characters in Martha Grimes' "Richard Jury" series is quirky and a lot of fun to get to know. This quiz includes a few of my favorites."

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1. Who is Richard Jury's unofficial partner in crime solving? The word "unofficial" is important.
    Melrose Plant
    Mickey Haggerty
    Brian Macalvie
    Stan Keeler

2. Which character has worked as a fortune teller and does a great fry up?
    Agatha Ardry
    Carole-anne Pulatski
    Ada Crisp
    Diane DeMorney

3. Who is the biggest moocher at The Jack and Hammer?
    Mrs. Wassermann
    Agatha Ardry
    Polly Praed
    Mrs. Withersby

4. Who is the biggest moocher at Ardry End?
    Diane DeMorney
    Agatha Ardry
    Vivian Rivington
    Ada Crisp

5. Whose 10 year engagement to "The Count" was finally called off due to the interference of Melrose Plant and Marshall Trueblood?
    Diane DeMorney
    Vivian Rivington
    Polly Praed
    White Ellie" Cripps

6. Who is Theo Wrenn Browne's only ally in Long Piddleton?
    Ada Crisp
    Agatha Ardry
    Mrs. Wassermann
    Diane DeMorney

7. Who does Richard believe to be a hypochondriac?

8. Which three characters team up to thwart Racer in his office?
    Richard, Fiona, and Cyril.
    Stan, Fiona, and Cyril
    Stan, Ada, and Cyril
    Richard, Stan and Carole- anne

9. What drink ingredient does Diane DeMorney drink almost exclusively?
    Rum (rum and coke)
    Gin (sloe gin fizz)
    Vodka (martini)
    Champagne (mimosa)

10. Who owns the "Blue Parrot" Pub?
    Trevor Sly
    Dick Scroggs
    Theo Wrenn Browne
    Ashley Cripps

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Compiled Jun 28 12