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"Charmed" Second Season: Part One

Created by beatka

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Charmed Second Season Part One game quiz
"This quiz covers various episodes of the second season."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "Witch Trial" - The first episode of the second season starts how long after Andy's death?
    a month
    three months
    a year
    six months

2. "She's A Man, Baby, A Man!" - Which sister turns into a man in order to attract a man-killing succubus?
    none of them

3. "Morality Bites" - The sisters travel how many years into the future in order to rescue Phoebe from an execution?

    1 year
    15 years
    5 years
    10 years

4. "That Old Black Magic" - What is the name of the "chosen one", the boy who is supposed to vanquish Tuatha, the evil witch from the 18th century?


5. "The Painted World" - The warlock, trapped in a painting, spent how much time there before being released by the Halliwells?

    70 years
    100 years
    40 years
    200 years

6. "They're Everywhere" - What kind of spell do Prue and Piper cast in order to find out if men in their lives are warlocks?

    Talking spell
    Thought-reading spell
    Freezing spell
    Love spell

7. In "Ms. Hellfire", the sisters get attacked by a hit woman on Friday the 13th. Is it the first time in the series that something bad happens to them on that day?

8. In which episode does Prue develop the power of astral projection?
    "Astral Monkey"
    "They're Everywhere"
    "Ms. Hellfire"

9. "Heartbreak City" - When Cupid loses his ring to Drasi, the demon of hate, whom does he ask to act as his substitute?

10. "Reckless Abandon" - What kind of a supernatural creature do the sisters face?
    a ghost
    a warlock
    a demon
    a werewolf

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Compiled Jun 28 12