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Jon Stewart and his Comedic Life

Created by casper200405

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Jon Stewart and his Comedic Life game quiz
"One of my favourite comedians is Jon Stewart. His self-deprecating ways are funny."

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1. Where was Jon Stewart born?
    Toronto, Ontario
    New York City, New York
    Washington, DC
    Dallas, Texas

2. What sport did Jon play in college?

3. One of his appearances on a CNN show in 2004 showed just how smart he was. It was more than just Jon answering questions. He discussed politics. Which of the CNN shows am I speaking about?
    Larry King Live
    Headline News
    Lou Dobbs Tonight

4. What is the name of Jon Stewart's first book?
    America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy
    Naked Pictures of Famous People
    The Daily Show Book
    The First Wives Club

5. Jon Stewart appeared in many movies. Pick the one he did NOT appear in.
    Death to Smoochy
    Old School
    Evan Almighty
    Playing by Heart

6. Jon Stewart helped start the careers of several well known comedians. Name one who doesn't look to Jon Stewart for his success.
    Jim Carrey
    Stephen Colbert
    Steve Carell
    Samantha Bee

7. Jon Stewart and his show won his first Peabody award in 2000. What is that award for?
    The funniest comedian
    The most truthful show on television
    The best talk show
    Excellence in Radio and Television broadcasting

8. Jon Stewart had a recurring role on a popular show. Name it.
    Everybody loves Raymond
    The Larry Sanders Show

9. Jon has won a number of Emmys for his show. When was his first win?

10. Who was the final guest of "The Jon Stewart Show"?
    Jay Leno
    Arsenio Hall
    Tom Snyder
    David Letterman

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Compiled Jun 28 12