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To Marry A King

Created by VampireRed

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Royalty & Monarchs
To Marry A King game quiz
"The women who, for better or for worse, married Europe's reigning or future monarchs."

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1. This French noblewoman, the widow of Henry d'Orleans, duc de Longueville, was approached as a possible wife for Henry VIII before she married King James V of Scotland in 1538.
    Mary of Guise
    Anne of Denmark
    Anne of Cleves
    Mary, Queen of Scots

2. This former Austrian archduchess was ill-prepared for marriage and the expectations of being a queen. Although she managed to eventually have a fairly happy marriage, she and her husband lost their heads over their excesses and ineptitude.
    Elisabeth of Austria
    Marie Antoinette
    Maria Leszczynska
    Marie-Therese-Charlotte of France

3. Known to history as the "She-Wolf of France", this princess married England's Edward II when she was only 12.
    Eleanor of Aquitaine
    Philippa of Hainault
    Marguerite of France
    Isabella of France

4. Called the "Pearl of France", this princess married England's Edward I in 1299. He was 60, she was just 16.
    Isabella of France
    Blanche of France
    Eleanor of Castile
    Marguerite of France

5. Formerly the Queen of France, this formidable, strong-willed, and highly educated woman married the future Henry II of England, eleven years her junior, in 1152.
    Isabella of France
    Mathilda of Flanders
    Eleanor of Provence
    Eleanor of Aquitaine

6. The daughter of Henry IV of France, she married England's Charles I in 1625, leading to years of religious division in England.
    Henrietta Maria of France
    Marie de Medici
    Henrietta Anne of England
    Catharine of Braganza

7. A granddaughter of Queen Victoria, she married King Alfonso XIII of Spain in 1906, despite the fact that his mother thought her a very bad choice.
    Charlotte of Prussia
    Victoria "Ena" of Battenberg
    Patricia of Connaught
    Alix of Hesse

8. The product of her mother's adulterous affair, this lonely and sickly German princess married Alexander, the Tsarevich of Russia, in 1841.
    Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst
    Charlotte of Prussia
    Louise of Baden
    Marie of Hesse-Darmstadt

9. The daughter of a German count, this 15-year-old became the second wife of England's Henry I (aged 53) in 1121.
    Charlotte of Mecklenberg
    Wilhelmine of Baden
    Sophia of Anhalt
    Adeliza of Brabant

10. A granddaughter of Queen Victoria, she wanted badly to marry her cousin, the future George V. Her mother forbade the match and arranged a marriage to Crown Prince Ferdinand of Romania instead.
    Charlotte of Prussia
    Patricia of Connaught
    Irene of Hesse
    Marie of Edinburgh

11. A German princess and granddaughter of Queen Victoria, she married Crown Prince Constantine of Greece in 1889.
    Charlotte of Prussia
    Louise of Hesse
    Sophia of Prussia
    Patricia of Connaught

12. A princess of France, she married Leopold, the first King of the Belgians, in 1832.
    Louise Marie Adelaide de Bourbon
    Marie Amalia of the Two Sicilies
    Louise-Henriette de Bourbon
    Louise-Marie of France

13. A daughter of Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria, this princess held four queenly titles in her lifetime.
    Augusta Wilhelmine of Bavaria
    Elizabeth Christine of Brunswick
    Caroline Augusta of Bavaria
    Maria Josepha of Bavaria

14. The daughter of William I of Wurttemberg, she married her cousin Prince William of Orange in 1839.
    Marie of Wurttemberg
    Catharina of Wurttemberg
    Sophie of Wurttemberg
    Olga of Wurttemberg

15. This flirtatious and adulterous lady-in-waiting married Henry VIII in 1540, but was executed for treason less than two years later.
    Anne Boleyn
    Jane Seymour
    Anne of Cleves
    Catherine Howard

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