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Billboard Number 1 Songs of 1963

Created by Shanteyman

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Billboard Number 1 Songs of 1963 game quiz
"Chart information for this quiz is from the "Billboard Book of Number One Hits.""

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1. The week of January 12, 1963, saw a future Las Vegas entertainer hit number one with "Go Away Little Girl." Which artist topped the charts with the song?
    Steve Lawrence
    Bobby Rydell
    Elvis Presley

2. Folk music was enjoying popularity in the early sixties. What song did The Rooftop Singers take to number one on January 26, 1963?
    Walk Right In
    Tom Dooley
    Sally Go 'Round the Roses

3. "Our Day Will Come" topped the charts on March 23, 1963. Which group sang "Our Day Will Come?"
    The Shirelles
    The Chiffons
    The Dixie Cups
    Ruby and The Romantics

4. A fifteen-year-old singer took "I Will Follow Him" to the top of the charts the week of April 27, 1963. Who was this talented girl?
    Brenda Lee
    Little Peggy March
    Mille Small
    Little Eva

5. Another young gal had a number one hit as a seventeen-year-old the week of June 1, 1963. Lesley Gore scored a number one with what song?
    Who's Sorry now?
    My Guy
    It's My Party

6. A song about the surfing craze was brought to the top of the charts by Jan and Dean. Which song hit number one one July 20, 1963?
    Surfin' Safari
    Surfer Girl
    Surf City
    Surfer Bird

7. "My Boyfriend's Back" topped the Billboard 100 on August 31, 1963. Which girl group had a hit with this song?
    The Shangri-Las
    The Chiffons
    The Angels
    The Caravelles

8. Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs took a song about a restaurant to number one the week of October 12, 1963. What place were they singing about?
    Washington Square
    The Chapel of Love
    The Green Door
    Sugar Shack

9. Nino Temple and April Stevens had a number one song the week of November 16, 1963. Which song about a color hit the top of the charts?
    Ruby Baby
    Blue Velvet
    Deep Purple
    Blue on Blue

10. A twelve-year-old boy they called "the genius" topped the charts the week of August 10, 1963 with a song called "Fingertips-Pt.2" Who was this talented young lad?
    Trini Lopez
    Little Stevie Wonder
    Rolf Harris
    Andy Williams

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