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TV's "Saving Grace"

Created by robbieh

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TVs Saving Grace game quiz
"This one is about "Saving Grace", the cop show starring Holly Hunter. Please try the quiz if you've seen the show, or take a look at the show if you haven't-it's worth it."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Grace Hanadarko is a homicide detective, a tough gal who smokes, drinks too much and has lots of boyfriends. The show revolves around Grace's job, her fellow detectives, her family, and her messy personal life. Where does "Saving Grace" take place?
    South Dakota

2. One night, after partying in a bar, Grace takes off in her Porsche. On the road, she hits a pedestrian. She's half-drunk and very upset, and cries out for help. At that moment a man appears, offering to help her. Turns out the man is an angel. What is his name?

3. Rhetta Rodriguez is Grace's best friend, has been since they were kids. Rhetta is a colleague of Grace's - she works in the Oklahoma City crime lab, next door to Grace's squad room. The actress portraying Rhetta made one of her first appearances in the 1989 film "Sex, Lies and Videotape." Who is she?
    Gina Gershon
    Kim Delaney
    Andie McDowell
    Laura San Giacomo

4. Grace isn't the only person receiving visits from the angel. The man hit by Grace's car sees him regularly as well. The man's name is Leon Cooley, and there's one unusual fact about him. Where does Leon live?
    Next door to Grace
    In a cave
    On Death Row
    In his car

5. What is Grace's relationship with her partner, Ham Dewey?
    She loves him, but he's married and faithful
    They're friends-Ham is gay
    She's having an affair with him
    They can't stand each other

6. In the first episode of the show, a millionaire cattle baron hits on Grace. What is her reaction?
    She calls him a bad name
    She punches him in the nose
    She bursts into tears
    She tries to run him over with her Porsche

7. In an episode entitled "Yeehaw, Geepaw", Grace is concerned about the deteriorating health of her grandfather, and we learn a bit more about Grace's background. What ethnicity is Grace's grandfather?
    American Indian

8. During a murder case, a hotshot L.A. lawyer looks for ways to embarrass and discredit the homicide detectives. To humiliate Grace he brings in a parade of men, all have been Grace's lovers. How does Grace react to this?
    She punches him in the nose
    She makes a joke
    She bursts into tears and runs from the room
    She shoots him

9. Rhetta has become obsessed with Earl, and has compiled a list of clues that might lead her to find out more about him. He only appears to Grace and Leon Cooley, and Rhetta is a religious woman who is anxious to talk to the angel. What are the supposed clues left by Earl?
    Tacos, tulips, ducks and spices
    A tennis shoe, a comb and a screwdriver
    Burritos, daisies, pigeons and paprika
    A feather and a jacket

10. It's obvious that Grace is a troubled woman, although she puts up a very good front. In the first season finale, the truth comes out. What is it that is causing Grace so much pain?
    She was molested by a priest as a young girl
    She's in love with Ham
    She's a lesbian
    Her parents were alcoholics

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Compiled Jun 28 12