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Indian Cricketers

Created by deepakmr

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Indian Cricketers game quiz
"Ten questions to test your knowledge of Indian cricketers, who have played first class and International cricket."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the first 20-20 world cup in 2007, Yuvraj Singh blasted six sixes in an over. Apart from Yuvraj only one other Indian had achieved this feat in first class cricket, who is he?
    Ravi Shastri
    Ajay Jadeja
    Kapil Dev
    Sachin Tendulkar

2. Which Indian spin bowler was known for bowling maiden overs? He is in the record books for bowling 21 successive maiden overs in a test match.
    RG Nadkarni
    EAS Prasanna
    Subash Gupte
    Maninder Singh

3. The hit Indian film "Lagaan" (2001) featured a bowler with a physical deformity. Indian cricket had a famous bowler with a physical deformity, who was he?
    Erapalli Prasanna
    Laxman Sivaramakrishnan
    Bishen Bedi
    Bhagwat Chandrashekar

4. A popular Indian all-rounder, married to the daughter of a politician, acted as a hero in a bollywood film and was sullied in the match-fixing controversy. Identify this cricketer.
    Manoj Prabhakar
    Mohammed Azharuddin
    Kapil Dev
    Ajay Jadeja

5. The great Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar, scored tons of runs in test cricket. However in one day cricket, he has scored only one century. Against which team did he score his only one day hundred?
    New Zealand
    West Indies
    South Africa

6. India won the 1983 cricket world cup by beating the West Indies in the final. Two years later in 1985, Indian also won the world championship series in Australia. Who was the player of the tournament who played a major role in India's win?
    Mohinder Amarnath
    L Sivaramakrishnan
    Ravi Shastri
    Kapil Dev

7. He is one of the great Indian bowlers, has captained the Indian team, has once bowled in a test despite a broken jaw and has a traffic junction in his hometown named after him. Who is he?
    Anil Kumble
    Srinivas Venkatraghavan
    Kapil Dev
    Bishen Singh Bedi

8. A dashing cricketer of the 1980s, he authored a book, acted in a film, edited a magazine and is known for his world record of hitting six fours in an over. Who is this Indian cricketer?
    Kris Srikkanth
    Kapil Dev
    Ravi Shastri
    Sandeep Patil

9. Who was the first Indian to be featured as Cricketer of the Year in "Wisden" ?
    MAK Pataudi
    Kapil Dev
    Sunil Gavaskar
    None of these

10. The highest opening partnership (413 runs) in Test cricket, was set many years ago by India. Who were the two openers who achieved this record?
    S Tendulkar & R Dravid
    S Gavaskar & K Srikkanth
    V Mankad & P Roy
    A Lal & S Gavaskar

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Compiled Jun 28 12