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All about Eggs

Created by trojan11

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All about Eggs game quiz
"How much goodness is there in an egg - and how much is not so good? 10 basic questions on our old friend the egg. There are no spelling or fill in the blank questions."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. One egg contains more than how many grams of protein?
    No more than 3 grams
    None at all
    At least 12 grams
    At least 6 grams and up to 10

2. Eggs contain no fats.

3. Which of the following eggs contain the least fats?

4. All eggs contain cholesterol. Do you know roughly how much?
    Approximately 100 mg,
    Approximately 20 mg.
    Approximately 50 mg,
    Approximately 212 mg

5. What vitamins do eggs contain?
    None of these
    D and B12 only
    A and C only
    A, D, E, B group.

6. If cooked, eggs lose all or most of the amino acids that they contain.

7. When hard boiling an egg why should you immerse the egg in cold water immediately after removing it from the boiling water?
    The egg will harden more quickly.
    It keeps the yolk fluffy.
    It prevents the 'green ring' from forming around around the yolk.
    It makes the shell easier to crack.

8. Which of the following minerals are contained in an egg?
    None at all
    Ankerite and iron
    Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc
    Zinc, tellurium, ankerite and psilomelane

9. When one cooks an egg a process called 'denaturing' takes place. What does the term denature mean?
    Destroying living bacteria in the egg.
    Forcibly enducing omega 3 fatty acids
    Changing the structure of protein
    Lessening the amino acid content

10. How much bigger than a large chicken egg is an average sized ostrich egg?
    24 times larger
    17 times larger
    11 times larger
    9 times larger

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Compiled Jun 28 12