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The Wizard Named Mozart

Created by vidastorm

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The Wizard Named Mozart game quiz
"This is a quiz about the master musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose music still lives on in the hearts of many people all around the world. Hope you enjoy taking this quiz! Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Under what name was Mozart baptized?
    Johann Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart
    Jacob Amadeus Mozart
    Jeanne Christian Mozart
    Julius Mozart

2. Mozart was born to a family which appreciated good music. Who were his parents?
    Leopold Mozart and Kate Mozart
    Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Mozart
    Kate Mozart and Leonardo Mozart
    Jacques Mozart and Rose Mozart

3. Alexander Pushkin, the noted poet, playwright and dramatist, composed a play on the then popular rumor that Mozart was poisoned to death by another great musician of that time. Who was that renowned musician?
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    Johann Christian Bach
    Joseph Haydn
    Antonio Salieri

4. Mozart was accepted to an institution which educates young minds about the mysteries and history of music, after meeting a world renowned composer. Who was he?
    Gouverneur Martini
    Georgio Bastita Martini
    Giovanni Battista Martini
    Gehrome Steve Martini

5. Mozart and his wife Constance had six children, but four of them died at a very young age. Name the other two children.
    Karl and Franz
    Engels and Xavier
    Kate and Marx
    Cher and Nel

6. Many speculations were made on how possibly Mozart could have died. Which of the following reasons is the widely accepted one?
    Rheumatic Fever

7. What was the last piece of music Mozart composed?
    Symphony number 12
    Don Giovanni

8. Mozart and Haydn were said to be close friends and Mozart did dedicate six of his famous quartets to his friend . Which were they?
    K.387, K.421, K.428, K.458, K.464, K.465
    M.111, M.222, M.333, M.444, M.555, M.666
    L.211, L.222, L.223, L.224, L.225, L.226
    N.110, N.220, N.330, N.440, N.550, N.660

9. "Don Giovanni", one of Mozart's most famous works, and a world famous opera, is a version of the story of a famous womanizer who gets his just desserts. Who was that legendary man?
    Da Ponte
    Don Juan
    Harry Potter

10. A 1984 dramatic movie was based on the lives of Mozart and a contemporary of his. Name the movie.

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