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A Hippie Geography Lesson

Created by DaedalusLex

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : United States
A Hippie Geography Lesson game quiz
"This hippie narrator will guide you around the U.S. during the late 1960s and 70s. See if you can pick out the geographical reference points."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. It's 1967 and I've decided to go to the epicenter of the 'Summer of Love'. Where do I need to go?
    Los Angeles
    San Francisco
    New York
    Las Vegas

2. I'm on my way, hitchhiking through California, trying to get from Needles to Barstow before my facial skin bakes off from the dry desert sun. Which way am I going?

3. I've arrived in the host city of the 'Summer of Love' and am eager to turn on, tune in, and relate with my fellow hippies, so I head over to which park?
    Audubon Park
    Golden Gate Park
    Central Park
    Balboa Park

4. While in San Francisco, some hippies recommend we go to the Monterey Pop Festival, which will feature The Byrds, The Grateful Dead, The Who, Otis Redding, and a little-known guitarist who was only booked at Paul McCartney's insistence - Jimi Hendrix. Which way do we have to hitch a ride from our present location?

5. I really liked Hendrix's song, "Purple Haze," and my girlfriend, Sunshine, said I should since I was on it yesterday. What was I on yesterday?
    Bay Area Rapid Transit purple line
    A natural high
    An LSD trip
    A San Francisco cable car

6. It's now May 26, 1968, and I'm hitching my way back east. Yesterday I stopped to see Vice President Hubert Humphrey at the dedication of a brand new monument called The Gateway Arch. Where was I?
    Memphis, Tennessee
    Dallas, Texas
    St. Louis, Missouri
    Fargo, North Dakota

7. A year or so has gone by and I'm off to another rock festival. Funny thing is I found it with about 400,000 other people even though it's about 50 miles southwest of where everybody said it was supposed to be. What town am I in?
    Woodstock, NY
    Bethel, NY
    Woodstock, CT
    Bethel, CA

8. Almost another year has gone by and things are getting heavy. I was on a college campus yesterday where the National Guard killed four students at a rally protesting the American invasion of Cambodia. What state was I in?
    New Jersey
    New York

9. It's now August of 1974 and I'm hitchhiking with my friend, Breeze, to visit his uncle who moved to Montreal to avoid the draft. As we cross the border from upstate New York to Canada, Breeze and I hear big news on the radio of great importance to our hippie brothers and sisters. What's the news?
    Robert Kennedy has been shot.
    The Beatles have broken up.
    Jimi Hendrix has died.
    President Nixon has resigned.

10. A few more years have passed and it's August 16, 1977. Fewer and fewer hippies are hitchhiking around, and I'm on my last trip, hitchhiking back home to New Orleans. A trucker picks me up in eastern Arkansas and someone comes on the CB radio to say that a musical icon had unexpectedly died just a few miles from where we were. Who died?
    John Lennon
    Elvis Presley
    Jim Morrison
    Rutherford B. Hayes

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Compiled Oct 30 13