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Nicknames for Dummies

Created by Nightmare

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Nicknames for Dummies game quiz
"All multiple choice about some famous players and their nicknames, made for a dummy like me. I hope that you enjoy it! :-)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Ty Cobb set many records in his career, and he ended up in the Hall of Fame. What was his nickname?
    Corn Cob
    Fordham Flash
    Georgia Peach

2. Orel Hershiser played most of his career with the Dodgers. He earned his nickname because he was ready to pitch, no matter what day it was. What was his nickname?
    Rough 'n Ready
    Hershey Bar

3. Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles was nicknamed "Iron Horse" for his consecutive game streak. However, the player whose game record he broke was also nicknamed "Iron Horse". Who was this Yankee great?
    Dizzy Dean
    Lou Gehrig
    Charley Root
    Carl Hubbell

4. From 1940-1958, Harold Reese was a Dodger shortstop and was a 10-time all-star. He eventually made it to the Hall of Fame. What was his nickname?
    Pee Wee
    Old Shoes

5. A career Baltimore Oriole pitcher, he won three Cy Young awards. Who is this Hall of Famer nicknamed, "Cakes"?
    Pat Dobson
    Jim Palmer
    Dave Boswell
    Dave McNally

6. Baseball's first four-time Cy Young winner was Steve Carlton. What was his nickname?

7. This Hall of Fame pitcher played in 634 games as a Giant, and his final one as a Cincinnati Red. Who was this nicknamed "Big Six" and "The Christian Gentleman"?
    Tom Zachary
    Hippo Vaughn
    Christy Mathewson
    Rube Manning

8. Ty Cobb would have won 13 consecutive batting titles if Nap Lajoie didn't interrupt his streak, along with another Hall of Famer nicknamed the "Grey Eagle". Who was this?
    George Sisler
    Tris Speaker
    Wally Pipp
    Frank Baker

9. After 15 seasons with the Milwaukee Brewers, Paul Molitor found himself in the World Series as a Toronto Blue Jay, and won the series MVP award. What is his nickname?
    The Ignitor
    Pall Bearer

10. Leo Durocher played from 1925-1945, mostly as a shortstop. He later became a manager with the Brooklyn Dodgers and earned his nickname of what?
    The Grocer
    Leo the Lip
    Lion Paw

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