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Chicago Cubs

Created by yonglo32

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Chicago Cubs game quiz
"A basic quiz on the players, teams, and history of the Chicago Cubs."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The team that is now known as the Cubs has undergone a great number of name changes. What was the very first name of this old franchise?
    Chicago Orphans
    Chicago White Stockings
    Chicago Colts
    Chicago Giants

2. In the first year of this franchise, they played individually set up exhibitions. They became a charter member of the National Association, and began play at Union Baseball Grounds. However, later in the season, the park was destroyed. What event led to the destruction of the team's first park?
    The ballpark was blown up to make way for City Hall
    The 1891 Earthquake
    Great Chicago Fire
    Flu Epidemic

3. The Chicago team made several key moves after the 1875 season. One was acquiring this pitcher, who would eventually go on to co-found a sporting goods company that is one of the largest in the world today. Who is he?
    Alfred Rawlings
    Philip Knight
    Albert Spalding
    Ernest Reebok

4. The 1906 Chicago Cubs were one of the most dominant baseball teams in history, winning 116 out of 154 games. However, they lost the 1906 World Series to which team?
    New York Giants
    Chicago White Sox
    New York Yankees
    Cleveland Indians

5. Franklin P. Adams wrote a poem that appeared in the leading baseball magazine at that time, "Baseball's Sad Lexicon". This poem gave star status to three players for the Cubs, all who were the subject of the poem. Which one of these Cubs infielders was not one of the three?
    Johnny Evers
    Joe Tinker
    Harry Steinfeldt
    Frank Chance

6. The Cubs appeared in the World Series in 1932 against Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and the rest of Murderer's Row. This series is undoubtedly best remembered for the alleged "called shot" of Babe Ruth, when he supposedly predicted he would hit a home run before doing so. What Cubs pitcher gave up the called shot?
    Joe Bush
    Bobby Precioso
    Hack Wilson
    Charlie Root

7. "The Curse of the Billy Goat" is one of the longest superstitions in baseball history, made in 1945 when what man was asked to leave because of his goat's stinky smell?
    Frank Blanthers, Jr.
    Billy Sianis
    Joseph Hinton
    Edgar Roosevelt

8. The Cubs went through two decades of bad records until what manager came in 1966, and led the Cubs to a near appearance in the World Series in 1969?
    Leo Durocher
    Lou Klein
    Whitey Lockman
    Bob Kennedy

9. The Cubs acquired a pitcher from the Indians during the 1984 season. This pitcher would win the Cy Young that year, and help the Cubs make their first postseason appearance since 1945. What was this Cy Young winner's name?
    Alex Rooja
    Rick Sutcliffe
    Fergie Jenkins
    Kevin Johnson

10. In perhaps the most prominent example of the Curse of the Billy Goat, a fan named Steve Bartman reached out for a ball when the Cubs were just five outs away from a World Series appearance. This play led to a flurry of hits and runs by the Florida Marlins, their opponent. What player hit the ball that Bartman reached out for?
    Miguel Cabrera
    Mike Lowell
    Ivan Rodriguez
    Luis Castillo

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