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"Meet Kevin Johnson"

Created by nycdmc70

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Meet Kevin Johnson game quiz
"This quiz is on the eighth episode of the fourth season of "Lost". In this episode we learn more on who Kevin Johnson is and why he is involved. If you paid close attention, you should be able to answer the questions. I hope you enjoy the quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The name of this episode is "Meet Kevin Johnson", but who exactly is Kevin Johnson really?
    Ben Linus
    Frank Lapidus
    Christian Shephard
    Michael Dawson

2. In the opening scene of this episode, whose face is the first we see?

3. In one of the flashbacks of Michael, we see him go into a pawn shop and try to buy a gun. What does Michael use to pay for the gun?
    $300 cash
    A credit card from Tom
    Some of the stolen diamonds from the island
    Jin's watch

4. Which character said the following quote?

"We let you leave one island and you just go to another."
    Ben Linus
    Charles Widmore
    Christian Shephard
    Tom "Mr. Friendly"

5. Michael attempts to shoot himself in his apartment. While the gun is to his head, how many times does he pull the trigger?

6. During this episode, Michael keeps seeing one of the Oceanic 815 passengers, who we know to be dead on the island. Which character does he keep seeing?
    Ana Lucia
    Mr. Eko
    Boone Carlyle

7. We are led to believe that the reported discovery of the Oceanic 815 wreckage was staged by Charles Widmore. Where did Charles get all the bodies used to stage this event?
    They are the real passengers

8. In one flashback of Kevin joining the ship's crew, someone tells him "Your name isn't Kevin Johnson.", as he is boarding the ship. Who said this to Kevin?

9. During the flashback, where Kevin is boarding the ship, he gets a call on his cell phone. What does he do with the phone after he's done with the call?
    Tosses it over his shoulder and walks away
    Puts it back in his pocket
    Throws it into the water
    Drops it and steps on it

10. While sleeping in their cabin, Desmond and Sayid hear an alarm go off. They rush up to the deck and see what?
    A bomb has exploded
    The helicopter being stolen
    The ship's crew firing guns
    The captain beating a man

11. In another flashback on the ship, George Minkowski tells Kevin he has a call waiting for him on the ship's radio. George says the call is from someone named Walt, but who is really on the radio?

12. Kevin tries to detonate a bomb in the ship's engine room. As the timer runs down to zero, a small flag pops up with a note. What does the note say?
    "NOT NOW"
    "NOT YET"

13. After boarding the ship, Kevin meets the ship's helicopter pilot Frank. During the conversation between Frank and Kevin, Frank says the quote below. What is the missing part of this line?

"You know those nuts who believe the ________ was faked?"
    moon landing
    Roswell UFO recovery
    JFK assassination
    Lindbergh kidnapping

14. When Desmond and Sayid join Kevin in the engine room, Kevin asks the other mechanic to get an item from the supply room. What item does Kevin ask him to get?
    A two foot length of PVC piping
    A pipe wrench
    A pressure valve

15. After Sayid finishes hearing Kevin's story, in the engine room, what does he do to Kevin?
    Beats him up and leaves the room
    Brings him to the captain and reveals his identity
    Lets him continue with his mission
    Nothing, he just walks off muttering

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