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Season One - "Denial, Anger, Acceptance"

Created by Braveneworld

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'Sopranos'- Season 1
Season One  Denial Anger Acceptance game quiz
"This quiz is about the season one episode "Denial, Anger, Acceptance"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Mikey Palmice tells Junior he thinks he should've had Brendan Filone whacked before the Comley truck hi-jacking situation continued to escalate.

2. Hesh Rabkin encouraged Tony Soprano to try to enter the motel business by squeezing out the Jews Shlomo, Hillel, and Ariel.

3. What did Dr. Melfi think the tree Tony thought was rotting out in the picture symbolized to him?
    His mother, Livia's waning health
    His father Johnny's waning health immediately before he died
    Uncle Junior's waning health
    Jackie Aprile's waning health

4. "Kids: You think you can keep them out of trouble, but you can't". Who said that quote?
    Silvio Dante
    Brendan Filone

5. Who organizes a silent auction as a fundraiser for the hospital?
    Rosalie Aprile
    Gabriella Dante
    Charmaine Bucco

6. What does Tony bring to Jackie Aprile when he visits him at the hospital?
    A box of chocolates
    Medicine he snuck in for Jackie
    An old picture of Tony, him, and Uncle Junior
    A stripper

7. The Hasidic Jew Shlomo calls Tony a name he doesn't know and the Jew tells him it means "a Frankenstein". what did the Jew call him?

8. Where was Tony when Paulie Walnuts called him to tell him he was having trouble getting the "stubborn Jew" to listen?
    Counting money in the back of the Bing
    Getting in the shower
    With his goomara, Irina
    Getting out of the shower

9. When Charmaine tells Carmela that she slept with Tony years ago, Carmela says she already knew.

10. During Christopher's mock execution in The Meadowlands, he thinks he is being punished by Tony for giving his daughter crystal meth.

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