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'Super Smash Bros. Brawl' Perfect Attendance Crew

Created by gman89

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Super Smash Bros Brawl Perfect Attendance Crew game quiz
"This quiz about 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl' for the Wii features those eight resilient characters from The Real All-Star Battle event who have perfect attendance in all three 'Super Smash Bros.' games. Good luck and have fun! *Contains spoilers!*"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Mario is an obvious perfect attendance character, what with his patriotism and all. He grows in size by taunting without requiring a mushroom and shows off a few stages from his own games. But he suffers from memory loss as to which of his rivals are raring to oppose him and the doctor didn't make the cut to jog his memory! Who doesn't bother showing up to foil Mario's plans?
    Kammy Koopa

2. This heroic youth should have the King of Hyrule's approval of him, considering he's saved Princess Zelda about a dozen times. Indeed, Link proudly returns to represent his homeland, but is confounded by the numerous homelands he has had and can't place which one doesn't belong in 'Brawl'. Which one is it?
    Great Sea

3. The friendliest mammal in all the world, Donkey Kong loves resting... but more importantly his bananas. King K. Rool sure suffered a painful and embarrassing loss on his very own ship when clobbered by Donkey Kong, yet Donkey Kong still felt it necessary to bring along his companion Diddy to the 'Brawl'. Now the dynastic duo enjoy listening to the bongos all the while being prepared with rocket barrels and a pair of flaming peanut guns just in case... but one evening in Kongo Jungle, the two are surprised by a 'Brawl' veteran who used to be their sworn rival... who is this caped marauder?
    Meta Knight

4. From first being found weak and mistrusting, Pikachu has come a long ways to make it where he is today. Everyone knows of Pikachu, even those who don't follow 'Pokemon'. Pikachu signed up for 'Super Smash Bros.' (the original) and has proven to be a worthy adversary through 'Brawl'. Unfortunately, Mewtwo and Pichu did not return to 'Brawl' to accompany Pikachu, but instead there is a new team of Pokemon who are all for representing the bunch. Which of the following is not a fresh new competitor?

5. Hailing originally from 'Metroid', Samus returns yet again to 'Super Smash Bros.', but this is the first time we see her without the Power Suit. In the Subspace Emissary, Zero Suit Samus (not Power Suit Samus) works with Pikachu to stop the robots and reach her Power Suit, which can make the fight much easier for her. She beats Ridley once in the Emissary, but her battle plan from there on out is flawed. When Samus breaks the smash ball and unleashes a deadly beam, her Power Suit falls apart from the shockwave. How can Samus get it back together, before it's too late?
    Break another smash ball and the suit will reassemble!
    Run! The suit cannot be reassembled for the rest of the match!
    Pick up all pieces of the suit and it will reassemble!
    Have Kirby suck in both you and your suit, and when you're spit out the suit will encase you once again!

6. If you had to carry around a mid-age plumber for years and years, you wouldn't miss an opportunity to beat the mustache off of him, either. Yoshi comes back a third time to represent the seemingly last of the dinosaurs, and in a desperate attempt to repopulate his species is all too eager to swallow any opponent and lay an egg with him inside - or even regurgitate one voluntarily! Well Yoshi's efforts evidently haven't gone unnoticed. In a special co-op event, Yoshi finds 50 multi-colored friends to try and beat Meta Knight and Pit in a somewhat morbid race. What's the bad news for Yoshi?
    To compromise for the unfair odds of the event, all 50 Yoshis are tiny!
    All 50 Yoshis must carry 50 Marios during the event.
    The 50 Yoshis are all male!
    In order to complete the event, all 50 Yoshis must be killed off by the time the Rainbow Cruise stage makes one revolution.

7. Copying abilities of enemies since 1993, Kirby comes back to 'Brawl' with a few friends... well, a few rivals, rather. Meta Knight was a trophy in 'Melee' but came to 'Brawl' as a playable character and even brought along his ship, Halberd, which is both a stage and an integral role in the Subspace Emissary. King Dedede is another foe-like denizen of Kirby's series who comes with a loyal army of Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos. But when Meta Knight charges from one side and King Dedede with his army from the other side, what should Kirby do to combat them?
    Kirby should break a smash ball and then automatically absorb all enemies into a large cooking pot and boil them.
    Kirby should suck up King Dedede and reproduce an army of Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos himself.
    Kirby should charge a breath inhalation to suck up all enemies at once.
    Kirby has no feasible offense; he should breath in and puff himself away, meanwhile leaving his opponents to brawl against each other.

8. Fox comes back and brings along his ship, the Great Fox for a third time as well. Great Fox is an excellent stage which flies over Corneria in 'Melee' and 'Brawl'. Back in the original 'Super Smash. Bros', the Great Fox flies through an outer-space-like area called Sector Z. The reason for the change in scenery is due to less camera problems in Corneria... but that's not the only change! What has Fox done to trick us?
    He modified the Great Fox to make it smaller than that of 'Melee' and 'Super Smash Bros.'.
    He calls upon friends to attack his opponent when his damage percentage reaches 100% and higher.
    He powered up the frontal cannon to ensure death on anyone who happens to get in its line of fire, making it nearly impossible to recover.
    He attaches a kind of padding on the roof of the Great Fox which enables him, along with Falco and Wolf, to run slightly faster because of their shoes.

9. All perfect attendance characters have their own stage in 'Brawl'.

10. Which of the following perfect attendance characters comes with no playable friends from his/her own previous games?
    Donkey Kong

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