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US Candy Names

Created by nilknarf710

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Confectionery, Chocolates & Candy
US Candy Names game quiz
"How well do you know the stories behind the names of your favorite American candies?"

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1. Which chocolate candy treat was invented by Leo Hirshfield in 1896, and was named with the nickname of his daughter?
    Mary Janes
    Jelly Bellies
    Angel Dreams
    Tootsie Roll

2. Which chocolate-covered candy bar has a crispy peanut butter center, and was named after its founder? His first name was Andrew. It's the ____ Bar!

3. First made by the Charles Miller Company in 1914, and named after Mr. Miller's favorite aunt, this chewy candy's label featured a picture of a little girl.
    Mary Jane
    Lotta Fun
    Aunt Jemimah
    Chatty Cathy

4. Fans of this candy might be surprised to learn it was first created as a peppermint candy in Vienna, Austria. These small, rectangular little candies are famous for the way they are packaged.
    Hershey's Kisses

5. These fruit flavored bell-shaped gum drops are sold in a cardboard box and are made by the same company that makes Andes Candies and Junior Mints.
    Fruit Chews
    Gum Drums
    Berry Bells

6. These fruit flavored candies have a thin, hard candy covering with a chewy gel center. The "names" of the candies rhyme.
    Mike and Ike
    Barry's Cherries
    Lime in Time
    Hint of Mint

7. You might think this nutty chocolate candy bar was named after a baseball legend, or even after the daughter of an American president (as the legend goes) but there is also evidence that the name was actually the maiden name of the mother of its company's founder.
    Reggie's Ripple
    Dizzy Delicious
    Mickey's Mocha
    Baby Ruth

8. Which candy was created by Clarence Crane because he noticed that chocolate candy sales always decreased during the summer, and he wanted to create a "beach candy"? Usually sold in rolls, and known for their holes, this candy has many flavors and a distinctive shape.
    Sugar Squares
    Crystal Stars
    Life Savers
    Sweet Hearts

9. These small round fruit chews have a hard candy shell and have the letter "S" printed on the outside of each candy. They might have been named for the way they move when poured out of the bag.

10. This three-layer chocolate and wafer treat was first developed in 1898, in England. Its name is believed to have come from the name of an 18th century Whig literary club that was popular in England.
    Kit Kat
    Milky Way

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