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Castner's Cutthroats

Created by pshelton

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Castners Cutthroats game quiz
"During World War II, Japanese forces occupied U.S. territory for over a year. A small, brave band of soldiers call Castner's Cutthroats helped to dislodge them. Take this opportunity to learn about these heroes."

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1. Which area of the United States was occupied by the Japanese during World War II?
    Part of the Aleutian Islands
    A peninsula in western Alaska
    Remote islands in the Hawaiian chain
    Juneau, Alaska

2. When did the Japanese attack the Aleutians?
    June 1942
    July 1943
    December 1941 after Pearl Harbor
    April 1942

3. Most of the recruits in Castner's Cutthroats were native to Alaska. In addition to their familiarity with the area, what other attributes made them invaluable to the U. S. Army?
    Experts in survival and hunting
    All were experienced cartographers
    All were unmarried
    The army wanted local Alaskans to avoid transportation costs

4. Why were the 1st Combat Intelligence Platoons called the Cutthroats?
    Because they were an irregular military unit
    They excelled in fishing for cutthroat trout
    This was their method of dispatching the enemy
    They wore bright red scarves around their necks

5. The Cutthroats' first mission was to help establish an airfield on Adak Island which was nearer to the occupied islands than Dutch Harbor. They successfully occupied Adak in August 1942 but found no area suitable for an airstrip. The Cutthroats came up with a very clever idea to overcome the problem. What was it?
    They abandoned Adak for a more suitable nearby island
    They leveled the small rock-strewn beaches
    Drain a small lagoon which had a flat, sandy bottom
    Sturdy ice floes north of the island were located

6. Army commanders believed that in the conflict in the Aleutian islands, they had two enemies, the Japanese being an obvious one. What was the other enemy?
    Extensive minefields
    Native Aleutians who escaped internment
    Alaskan weather
    Russian fisherman

7. May 1943, the military sent forces to retake Attu. The Cutthroats did the reconnaissance and were the first unit in the attack, personally taking the first three beach heads. What major mistake did the U.S Army make in this operation?
    They chose a different landing spot than the one recommended by the Cutthroats
    An accidental bombing of friendly U.S. troops occurred
    They sent too few troops and were eventually repulsed by the Japanese
    They ignored the Cutthroats advice on adequate warm clothing and provisions for the troops

8. Before Attu was taken on 29 May 1943, the Japanese launched one of the largest "banzai" charges of the war. What was the Attu location of this attack?
    Victory Bay
    Komandorski Bay
    Attu Beach
    Massacre Bay

9. The Cutthroats were part of the military force that attacked Kisku on 7 August 1943. What kind of resistance did they receive from the Japanese occupiers?
    421 Japanese troops surrendered after one day.
    The fighting was hand-to-hand for most of the battle.
    None, as the Japanese had already left.
    The U.S. troops suffered bombardment from Japanese ships.

10. The Aleutian Islands campaign in World War II is sometimes referred to as "The Forgotten Battle". Why were these events so ignored by the American public?
    Journalists refused to go to Alaska so there was no press to write about the events
    Alaska was deemed unimportant strategically
    Guadalcanal was going on at the same time
    The operation was classified "Top Secret" until 1998

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