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"Top Chef" Part II

Created by KatieK54

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Top Chef Part II game quiz
"Part 2 of my quizzes about "Top Chef." The best cooking show I can find!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the "Raw and the Uncooked" elimination challenge, the chefs had to cook breakfast over fire pits for surfers on the beach. Which chef was the only one to have sand in their dish?
    Answer: (One Word; First name)

2. In the 'Napa's Finest' challenge of season 1, the chefs were given an extremely rare bottle of wine to pair with their dishes, and an expensive ingredient. What was this ingredient?
    Perigord black truffles
    Colorado Lamb

3. In season 2's, the chefs were asked to create an ice cream 'for the people.' Marcel's ice cream was not liked at all by the swimmers at Redondo beach. What were the two primary ingredients he chose to use?
    tomato and butter
    avocado and bacon
    ham and asparagas
    chocolate and thyme

4. In season 1's "Food of Love" episode, Elizabeth Falkner was the guest judge and she asked the contestants in the quickfire to create a fruit platter. What did she criticize several chefs for putting on their plates?
    apple cores
    pomegranate seeds
    pineapple tops

5. In season 3, who was told that they had the worst dish in the history of top chef?

6. In season 1's "Restaurant Wars" challenge, Harold, Tiffani, and Dave won with their family-style cuisine. What was the name of their restaurant?
    Answer: (Two Words; Patriotic)

7. In season 2, the chefs were separated into two groups for the 'Thanksgiving' elimination challenge. Five of the chefs were declared winners in the quickfire, leaving the remaining chefs as the only people up for elimination; their challenge consisted of cooking an avant-garde Thanksgiving dinner for the winners, the judges, and Anthony Bourdain. Who was on the elimination team?
    Marcel, Michael, Carlos, Mia, Elia
    Michael, Marcel, Betty, Elia, Carlos
    Betty, Michael, Marcel, Frank, Carlos
    Elia, Marcel, Michael, Carlos, Mia

8. When the chefs in season 2 had to cook for firefighters, the winner's dish was put on the menu of a popular American chain restaurant. In what restaurant can you have Betty's "Tuscan Portobello Melt?"
    T.G.I. Friday's
    Boston Market

9. Who was NOT one of the celebrity sous chefs from the finale of season 3?
    Rocco DiSpirito
    Todd English
    Michelle Bernstein
    Alfred Portale

10. When season 1's contestants had to create street-cart food to distribute in the Mission District of San Francisco. Stephen and Lee Anne were on the same team but had a hard time connecting with the people, as Stephen was dressed in a very flashy suit not suited well for the situation. What was the delicious dish they were giving out?
    cubano sandwich
    seared ahi tuna with jicama salad
    char shu pork sopes
    Indian spiced lentil burrito

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Compiled Jun 28 12