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Worldwide Wizards Delicious Delectables

Created by kitkat121080

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed Food and Drink
Worldwide Wizards Delicious Delectables game quiz
"Wizards come from all over the world, let's take a trip to some of their countries and experience the cuisine their countries have to offer."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. We start the trip around the world in the Canadian Maritime province of New Brunswick. The Canadian Maritime provinces are known for a type of edible seaweed called:
    Sea Lettuce
    Rock Weed

2. Our next stop on our trip is Chicago aka as the Windy City. A true Chicago-style hot dog consists of which ingredients?
    Ketchup, relish, mustard, cheese sauce and onions on a steamed bun
    Sauerkraut,cucumber and mustard on a steamed poppy seed bun
    Mustard, onion, sweet pickle relish, dill pickle spear, tomato, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt on a steamed poppy seed bun
    Chili, sweet onion, cole slaw and mustard on a steamed bun

3. We now continue on our trip to the state of California, San Francisco to be exact! Who was the original creator of the world famous San Francisco sourdough French bread?
    Columbo Baking Company
    Boudin Bakery
    San Franciso French Bread Company
    Boulangerie Bakery

4. Next stop, San Diego! In San Diego, California, Ralph Rubio brought something back from Baja Mexico, perfected the recipe, and has since sold millions. What is it?
    Turtle soup
    Calamari burritos
    Fish tacos
    Iguana burgers

5. South of the border, here we come! Our next stop on this trip is Mexico. What is the only Mexican dish, besides our delicious tacos, that can be found all over Mexico?
    Fried Quesadillas
    Aztec Soup

6. We are now going to jump a plane to visit the U.K. Where in the U.K. can you find the famous Sally Lunn Refreshment House and Museum?

7. Our next leg of the trip takes us to Sweden. Smörgåsbord is a sort of meal served in buffet-style in Swedish cuisine. What exactly is a traditional Swedish smörgåsbord?
    A traditional Yule table.
    A hot dish which includes Swedish meatballs and small sausages.
    A rice porridge sprinkled with cinnamon powder.
    A meal consisting of both hot and cold dishes.

8. Denmark is the next country we are going to visit. Danish pastry traces its origins to:
    German pretzel bakers
    Ancient Egyptian recipes
    The bakers of Vienna
    The court of Louis XIV

9. We are now off to Germany, home of poet and renowned gourmet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His favorite dish was "grüne Soße" (green sauce), one of the most famous specialties of his native city. Which city is it?
    Frankfurt am Main

10. We are off to Asia now, Israel in fact! What is the main ingredient in "falafel"?
    chick peas
    soy beans
    cannelloni beans

11. Pakistan is our next location to visit on our tour of food. For lunch in a fine south Asian restaurant you would you order Kulfi as a:
    frozen dessert
    main course meal dish
    local soft drink made of yogurt, ice, water and sugar

12. Huanying ni lai Zhongua or Welcome to China! A lot of Chinese dishes have some strange names - Buddha Jumping a Wall, Crossing Bridge Noodles, Beggar's Chicken to name but a few. But do you know what the dish called 'Ants Climbing a Tree' actually comprises?
    fried rice with bamboo shoots
    thin rice noodles with ground pork and chili
    stir fried bamboo with black pepper
    dry fried beans with chili and ground beef

13. G'day mate! We have left Asia and have now stopped in Australia. The iconic Aussie "Pie Floater" is often seen at the footy or after a night out on the town.
What exactly is a "Pie Floater"?
    a meat pie that has soaked in beer for 20mins served with tomato sauce
    a custard pie served in a bowl of native stewed rhubard with lemon myrtle sprinkles
    an apple pie that is served in a pool of cream with shaved chocolate
    a meat pie served in a bowl of mashed peas (or pea soup) served with tomato sauce

14. We are almost done our journey across the world but we have two more stops to go. Our next leg of the trip takes us to New Zealand. While in New Zealand, you may come across the dish "Pork Bones and Puha". Pork bones are easy to identify, but what on earth is Puha?
    Sow Thistle
    Native Fernroot

15. All that traveling sure has made me tired! How about we end this trip on the beaches of Hawaii where we can relax? But first one more question! Which of the following is not served at a traditional Hawaiian luau?
    Barbecued Ribs
    Kalua Pig
    Corn Chowder
    Macaroni Salad

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