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Lucy Webb Hayes

Created by Bigwoo

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Lucy Webb Hayes game quiz
"The wife of America's 19th president (Rutherford B. Hayes) Lucy was known for her hospitality and loyalty to her husband. She was born in Ohio in 1831 and lived a remarkable life until her death in 1889. Hope you enjoy this quiz."

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1. Lucy Hayes was the first wife of a US president to achieve what educational distinction?
    She was the first to obtain a higher education degree
    She was the first to finish high school
    She was the first to become an ordained minister
    She was the first to attend an Ivy League college

2. Lucy Hayes was called the "Mother of the Regiment" by the men who served under her husband during his military career. During what war did she help her husband care for the men?
    US Civil War
    Bloody Kansas or the Border War
    French and Indian War
    Toledo War or Michigan-Ohio War

3. What title, used today to describe a US president's wife, was made popular during Lucy Hayes' time in the White House?
    Mrs. President
    Lady Liberty
    First Lady

4. What famous White House holiday tradition did Lucy Hayes establish?
    White House Easter egg roll
    New Years Eve candlelight prayer service
    White House Christmas tree lighting
    The pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey

5. Why was Lucy Hayes nicknamed "Lemonade Lucy"?
    Because of a White House ban on serving liquor during her husband's administration
    Because of her famous yellow hat
    Because her optimism allowed her to "make lemonade from lemons"
    Because she served lemonade at White House afternoon tea parties

6. What group failed in their effort to recruit Lucy Hayes as a leader in their movement?
    Ladies of the Republican Party
    Ladies for Lincoln
    Methodist Missionary Society
    Women's Christian Temperance Union

7. What issue led Lucy Hayes to become an early supporter of the newly formed Republican Party?
    Abolition of slavery
    The temperance movement
    Women's suffrage movement
    The establishment of a national banking system

8. How many children did Lucy and Rutherford B. Hayes have?

9. After leaving the White House Lucy Hayes continued to be involved in helping others. For what group did she serve as its president from its beginning in 1883 until her death?
    Woman's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Church
    Republican's Garden Club
    Audubon Society

10. Rutherford B. Hayes adored his wife. Lucy died of complications from a stroke on June 25, 1889. President Hayes died of heart failure on January 25, 1893. His admiration for his wife can be seen in his final words. What were President Hayes' final words?
    I know I am going where Lucy is.
    I did my best.
    I see my beloved.
    I hope she waited for me.

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