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ELO Fans Only - Part 2 (Tough History)

Created by naugros

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ELO Fans Only  Part 2 Tough History game quiz
"My second quiz on the Elctric Light Orchestra looks at some of the little details of the band's history."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Electric Light Orchestra was formed in Birmingham by members of the Move. The Move were very popular in the UK in the '60s, having had seven singles enter the Top 10 in England. Unfortunately, they were (and still are) virtually unknown in the US.

What song by The Move did Jeff Lynne re-record with ELO?
    Blackberry Way
    On No Not Susan
    Do Ya'

2. Who, on this list, was NOT a founding member of the Electric Light Orchestra?
    Bev Bevan
    Jeff Lynne
    Mike De Albuquerque
    Roy Wood

3. The Electric Light Orchestra was dreamt up as a way to merge classical instruments with rock and roll. During its time, recordings saw the use of French horn, hunting horn, bassoon, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, violin and cello playing along with more modern rock and roll instruments.

Which of the following NEVER played cello on an ELO album?
    Melvyn Gayle
    Roy Wood
    Jeff Lynne
    Hugh McDowell

4. In 1974 ELO would release their first concept album, "Eldorado: A Symphony". We are carried through a dreamscape, visiting many lands, experiencing many wonderous sights and being treated to a myriad of musical styles.

The cover of this album depicted the scene from "The Wizard of Oz" where the Wicked Witch tries to remove the ruby slippers from Dorothy's feet, getting a nasty shock for her efforts. The still shot of that scene was reversed on its vertical axis for the album cover.

Who designed this album cover?
    Andy Warhol
    Sharon Osbourne
    Jeff Lynne

5. ELO recorded many instrumental pieces, "Fire on High" being the most well-known. It was used for the background music for "CBS Sports Spectacular" as well as concert news updates for many radio stations.

Which of these is NOT an instrumental piece by ELO?
    In the Hall of the Mountain King
    The Whale

6. The "Discovery" album's cover artwork is very Arabic in feel, depicting a young Arab staring into a glowing, three-dimensional construct of the famous ELO spaceship logo.

The Arabic feel continues on the back in what might be a seraglio chamber or just another room in a sultan's castle. At the back of the room is a large man in a turban weilding a nasty looking sword.

Who is this strapping, young model?
    Armand Assante
    Brad Garrett
    Richard Dean Anderson
    Mickey Rourke

7. Called ELO's creative masterpiece by Jeff Lynne, "Out of the Blue" was a double-LP. That means two vinyl discs with a groove on either side that reproduces the recorded music by use of a stylus riding in the groove, for those of you born into the CD era.

Anyway, the double-LP came packed with some neat swag. What was the coolest thing it came with?
    Free tickets to the concert tour
    Fake bills, called "ELO Buck(ingham)s"
    An autographed Jeff Lynne guitar pick
    A put-it-together-yourself model of the ELO spaceship

8. Bev Bevan was the drummer on all but one ELO album (the last one). After his tenure with the Electric Light Orchestra he went heavy metal.

Which of these bands did he play drums for?
    Black Sabbath

9. After "Balance of Power", Electric Light Orchestra was done...or so we thought. What band member won the right to form an offshoot band, called ELO Part II?
    Kelly Groucutt
    Roy Wood
    Richard Tandy
    Bev Bevan

10. After some solo work and playing as with the Traveling Wilburys, Jeff decided to do another ELO album. "Zoom" was, in truth, another solo album with only one ELO bandmate appearing on the album. The album was weak in sales in the US and a North American tour was cancelled.

Which ELO bandmate appeared on the track called "Alright"?
    Richard Tandy
    Mik Kaminski
    Bev Bevan
    Kelly Groucutt

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