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Word Origins From Mythology

Created by robert362

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Word Origins From Mythology game quiz
"Some mythical characters have worked their way into everyday language"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. A 'midas touch' refers to ...?
    Ability to make money
    Profound courage
    Great wisdom
    Unusual strength

2. The word 'narcissism' implies ...?
    A pledge of poverty
    Deep piety
    Excessive self-admiration
    Easygoing friendliness

3. A 'herculean' task is one that is ...?
    Of a noble nature
    Performed before a huge audience
    Extremely difficult to perform
    Performed while blindfolded

4. Something that is 'mercurial' is ... ?
    Changeable or volatile
    Opulent or gaudy
    Inexpensive or cheap
    Deceptive or difficult to understand

5. In 'The Raven', Poe refers to a 'plutonian' shore. To what is he referring?
    Opium fantasies
    The world of dreams
    The underworld
    The distant future

6. A person who is described as a Gorgon is ...?
    All-seeing and all-knowing
    Of advanced age
    Incapable of cowardice
    Extremely ugly and frightening

7. A 'cassandra' is a person who ...?
    Is irresistible to the opposite sex
    Enjoys the waging of war
    Is incapable of sleep
    Has the power of prophecy, but is never believed

8. Someone who is a 'Janus' or 'Janus-faced' is ...?

9. 'Procrustean' tactics are those that ...?
    Compel compliance by using force
    Cause others to feel guilty
    Rely on the goodwill of others
    Employ subtlety and seduction

10. The description of a person as 'protean' suggests someone who is ...?
    Greedy and superficial
    Perpetually lost
    Constantly hungry
    Changeable and varied

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Compiled Jun 28 12