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The Blonde Quiz

Created by pagiedamon

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The Blonde Quiz game quiz
"What's black and blue and lying in a ditch? A non-blonde who's told too many blonde jokes. No more blonde jokes! Let down your hair and take the blondest quiz at FunTrivia."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Researchers have found that the first blondes (dubbed "the blonde cavegirls") thrived soon after the last Ice Age. The blonde hair gene developed for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
    High oestregen levels in females
    High death rate among males
    The increased ingestion of banana sap
    Shortage of food

2. Blonde hair was highly desirable in ancient Rome and Greece for many unusual purposes. What was NOT one of the uses of blonde hair?
    To fashion hair pieces for wealthy men
    To create robes
    To consume for medicinal purposes
    To create wigs for wealthy women

3. Blonde hair comes in a multitude of tints and colors. What is not an adjective regularly joined with 'blonde' to denote a specific shade?

4. Some parts of the world produce a greater percentage of blonde-haired people than others. What is one country known for the large number of its inhabitants' blonde tresses?
    Saudi Arabia

5. Scientists believe that the scalps of blondes have more hair than scalps with brown, black, or red hair.

6. All of the following genetic statistics are true about blonde hair EXCEPT:
    Blonde hair is typically thinner than other colored hair strands
    The "blonde hair" gene is usually recessive (not dominant)
    Low levels of melanin pigmentation can result in blonde hair
    Approximately 30% of the world's population has natural blond hair

7. Research conducted at the Nottingham Trent University found that women with blonde hair exhibited which affective response?
    Increase in confidence
    Decrease in mood
    Decrease in sexual desire
    Increase in job satisfaction

8. A French study concluded that exposure to blonde-haired women made men behave with less mental aptitude than they normally would. What was the reason hypothesized?
    Blondes' sexual energy reduces brain cells
    People tend to conform to stereotypes
    Men are nervous around blondes
    The sight of blonde hair increases adrenaline

9. The World Health Organization has confirmed that naturally blonde hair will face extinction by 2202 A.D.

10. According to British researchers, which of the following is true about blondes?
    Blondes are more likely to marry millionaires
    Blondes generally make more money
    Blondes typically have the most active sex lives
    None of these

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Compiled Aug 04 14