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Soldiers like other Soldiers ... 2

Created by beterave

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : World War I
Soldiers like other  Soldiers  2 game quiz
"They were called Tommy Atkins or just plain Tommies. This quiz is about soldiers from Britain and its Commonwealth and Empire who served on the Western Front during WWI."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was the standard rifle used by Tommy Atkins?
    the Martini-Henry rifle
    the Lee Medford rifle
    the Lee Enfield rifle
    the Webly rifle

2. Tommy Atkins universally referred to his equipment as his what?
    his gear
    his kit
    his things
    his issue

3. During WWI, Tommy Atkins and his Commonwealth comrades used web gear on a large scale. This web gear was known as what?

4. They were called 'ladies from hell' by the Germans. Who were they referring to?
    the Durham Light Infantry
    the 'Pals' battalions
    the Guards regiments
    the Highland regiments

5. This regiment is credited with launching the very first trench raid on the Western Front.
    the Royal Warwickshire Regiment
    the Black Watch
    the Gerhwal Rifles
    the South Wales Borderers

6. In 1917, what was the most common reason for soldiers' admission to hospital (other than combat wounds)?

7. While enduring shelling, rats, lice and boredom, Tommy Atkins had this luxury to look forward to if it was available.
    guard duty
    a rum ration
    comfort girls
    cleaning his kit

8. Flies were a constant problem on the Western Front. The front was often littered with unburied bodies, discarded food, and raw sewage. Each division had about 6,000 horses. These horses produced how many tons of manure a day?

9. Troops from the Indian Corps served on the Western Front. By the time of the Somme offensive, they had all been transferred to other theatres of the war. Why?
    they were unfamiliar with modern warfare
    they were too difficult to control
    they deserted too frequently
    they were too prone to European diseases

10. Tommy Atkins was very resourceful. When he was gassed at Ypres, he came up with this idea until gas masks could be rushed to the front. What was his stop-gap measure?
    a urine soaked sock
    he prayed the rosary
    he held his breath
    he ran upwind

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