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Too Cruel River

Created by paper_aero

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Too Cruel River game quiz
"In 2008 Steve Knightley of the folk-rock duo 'Show of Hands' released an album entitled 'Cruel River'. I've already written one quiz on the album, so this is a quiz on it 'too'. (Hopefully that explains the attempted pun in the quiz title.)"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the "Caragana Wind" what never let the farmer down, as opposed to "some damn machine."?
    Brace of Bays
    Team of Shires
    Pair of Clydes
    Yoke of Oxen

2. 'Poppy Day', despite its implied subject is not about Remembrance Sunday and the British Legion. It is about drug dealing being a problem in country towns not just inner cities. With which military force is the singer's 'best mate' fighting?
    Royal Marines
    Royal Greenjackets

3. Steve Knightley's sleeve notes read in part, "Take a Show of Hands standard, record it in waltz time and sing it in French." The song is "Tout Va Bien"; what is the Show of Hands song behind it?
    Cousin Jack
    Don't it Feel Good
    Are We All Right
    Sit You Down

4. In the song 'Transported', our two crooks advise "West country villains when you set out to steal" that they should use their "wits not their heels". Subsequently they advise any listening thieves to reflect on several things, but which of the following is NOT one of them?
    One copper (hopping mad)
    Two crooks (in pub with beer)
    One farmer (more stock than before)
    Two alibis (a spare comes in handy)

5. One of the songs on this album makes three separate references to the 'Lord of the Rings'. Which of Steve's songs is this?
    The Flood
    Raining Again
    Faith in You
    Crazy Boy

6. In "The Rocks" what is the singer telling his 'honey' that she hears roaring?
    The Haven
    The Dragon
    The Docks
    The Sea

7. "She's Gone", but in what season did the singer think he saw her face "Caught in the lights at the edge of some stage"?

8. In the song "Romeo and Juliet" which of the following is a memory Juliet has of Romeo?
    One night stand

9. In the title song, "Cruel River", where are the singer and his sweetheart when her brothers catch them together?
    Inside the barn
    Beside the falls
    Beneath the bridge
    In the stone circle

10. What are the 'Crooked Man' and his friend drinking a toast to?
    Next election
    Index linked pensions
    Swiss bank accounts
    Last crusade

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Compiled Jun 28 12