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Life in Mayberry

Created by jayneashley80

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Life in Mayberry game quiz
"This is my second quiz on "The Andy Griffith Show." Hope you enjoy and good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name of the farmer that comes to Mayberry to find a wife and sets his sights on Thelma Lou?
    Gomer Pyle
    Jeff Pruitt
    Rafe Hollister
    Ernest T. Bass

2. What townsman was responsible for the string of cow robberies in Mayberry?
    Luke Jenson
    Dud Wash
    Harold Darling
    Barney Fife

3. After being sentenced to serve his jail time with Aunt Bee, Otis begins to refer to Aunt Bee as who?
    Sargent Bee
    Ms. Beatrice
    Bloody Mary

4. What is the name of the dog Barney gets to help find the escaped convict, Ralph Neil?

5. What did Andy buy Aunt Bee for her birthday instead of the bed jacket that she had her heart set on?
    mason jars
    a remodeled bedroom

6. In the "Convicts At Large" episode, one of the women says that Barney reminds her of her ex-boyfriend so she began calling Barney by his name. By the end of the episode, all of the convicts and even Floyd were calling Barney by what name?

7. How much did Emma Brand pay for her prescription she got from Walker's Drugstore?
    10 cents
    15 cents
    5 cents
    20 cents

8. In the episode "My Fair Ernest T. Bass", Andy attempts to teach Ernest T. some manners and then pass him off as his cousin from Raleigh at Mrs. Willey's party. After speaking with Ernest T., Mrs. Willey says that she knows he's not from Raleigh because of his accent. Where does she think he is from?
    New York
    Mt. Pilot

9. What was the name of the country club that Andy and Barney were invited to visit so that they could be considered for membership?
    Wellington Country Club
    Sleepy Hollow Country Club
    Scarlett Oaks Club
    The Esquire Club

10. In the episode "The Education of Ernest T. Bass", Andy attempts to teach Ernest T. geography. Andy tells him that the United States is bordered by Canada, Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean and then asks him if he knows what is the country's Western border. What is the first answer Ernest T. gives to this question?
    Old Man Kelsy's Woods
    Old Man Kelsy's Creek
    Old Man Kelsy's Ocean
    Old Man Kelsy's River

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Compiled Jun 28 12