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Uncle Al's Bible Trivia - Genesis #4

Created by dean521

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Genesis
Uncle Als Bible Trivia  Genesis 4 game quiz
"My Bible quizzes are dedicated to a man who truly loved God. This quiz will ask you a mixed bag of questions from the book of Genesis. All scripture is from the King James Version. I hope you enjoy and learn!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Jacob and Esau were reunited after a twenty-year separation. Esau came with four hundred men to meet with Jacob. What was the result of this meeting?
    Jacob defeated Esau and claimed Canaan.
    Esau forcefully reclaimed his birthright.
    Esau embraced Jacob and showed him hospitality.
    Esau drove Jacob back to Laban.

2. In Genesis Chapter 1, on what day of creation did God populate the seas and the winged fowl?

3. After Noah emptied the ark, what was his first action?
    He built an altar.
    He planted a vineyard.
    He prayed.
    He built a great house with the wood.

4. In Genesis Chapter 45, Joseph finally revealed his identity to his brothers. He instructed them to return with Jacob and their families and settle in Egypt during the famine. Where in Egypt did they settle?

5. Rachel became envious of Leah because she gave Jacob four sons. Since God had not yet opened her womb, whom did she offer to Jacob as a concubine to bear children in her stead?

6. Abraham bought a parcel of land from Ephron to bury Sarah and to be a burial plot for his line. What was the purchase price for the land and the adjacent field?
    200 shekels of gold
    400 shekels of gold
    200 shekels of silver
    400 shekels of silver

7. In Genesis Chapter 12, God moved Abram from the land of Ur to a place He promised to Abram and his descendants. Why then did Abram move his family to Egypt, despite God's generous gift?
    Constant attacks by the inhabitants
    None of the above

8. In Genesis Chapter 17, God sealed his covenant with Abraham. The sign of Noah's covenant with God was the rainbow. What was the sign of Abraham's covenant with God?
    The tithe to Melchisedek
    The star of Bethlehem
    The olive branch

9. Who first convinced his brothers not to kill Joseph, in the hope of returning him to Jacob?

10. Jacob met his match when it came to trickery and deception when he dealt with his uncle Laban. After serving Laban for seven years for the hand of Rachel, how was Jacob compensated for his labors?
    He was given herds of sheep instead.
    He was tricked into marrying Leah.
    He was driven back to Isaac and Rebekah.
    He was allowed to marry Rachel.

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