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Waffen SS Atrocities in the West

Created by beterave

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Waffen SS Atrocities in the West game quiz
"Formations of the Waffen SS were superb fighting units. Their record reflects both honor and horror. These are some of the infamous atrocities they were involved in in Western Europe."

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1. What British unit was cut off and forced to surrender at the Le Paradis and massacred?
    the Royal Welch Fusiliers
    the Cheshire Regiment
    the Royal Norfolk Regiment
    the Royal Warwickshire Regiment

2. Which Waffen SS unit was responsible for the Le Paradis massacre?
    SS Leibstandarte
    SS Totenkopf
    SS Das Reich
    SS Grossdeutschland

3. Who was tried for the Le Paradis Massacre?
    Kurt Meyer
    Fritz Knoechlein
    Wilhelm Monhke
    Heinrich Rohm

4. What primary excuse did the Waffen SS give to 'justify' the atrocity at Le Paradis?
    the British shot POWs
    the British misused a flag of truce
    the British defense caused excessive casualties
    the British used dum dum bullets

5. What justification did the Waffen SS offer for the Wormhoudt Massacre?
    the British were using scorched earth tactics
    the British refused quarter, and were killed in place
    the British were killing POWs
    none. in fact, it was denied

6. Wilhelm Monhke was identified as the perpetrator of the Wormhoudt Massacre. What became of him?
    he was tried and acquitted
    he was found guilty and executed
    he was never tried
    he was found guilty and given life in prison

7. The massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane was actually a mistake by the Waffen SS. Why?
    the maquis were not in the vicinity
    the SS battalion commander exceeded his orders
    it was the wrong village
    all of these

8. What happened to SS General Heinz Lammerding who commanded the Das Reich Division for his role in the Oradour-sur-Glane Massacre?
    he disappeared after the war
    he received a life sentence
    he was never tried
    he was executed for his role

9. What was nationality of the majority of the defendants of the Oradour-sur-Glane trial?

10. Why were Canadian soldiers executed at Ardenne Abbey, Calvados, France?
    the Canadians tried to escape
    the Canadians were suspected of war crimes
    the SS did not want to take prisoners
    the SS had no experience in handling prisoners

11. Who was held responsible for the execution of the Canadian prisoners at Ardenne Abbey?
    Sepp Dietrich
    Kurt Meyer
    Max Wunshe
    Theodore Wisch

12. From which unit were the majority of the Canadians who were executed at Ardenne Abbey?
    the Royal Winnipeg Rifles
    the North Nova Scotia Highlanders
    the Hamilton Light Infantry
    the Queen's Own Rifles

13. Much has been written about the Malmedy Massacre. In German accounts, what is the most common reason given for SS troops firing on unarmed GIs?
    they tried to escape
    there was no massacre, they were killed in combat
    it never happened - it's just propaganda
    they resumed fighting

14. How many defendants were actually executed for the Malmedy Massacre?

15. George Fleps was identified as the SS private who fired the first shot that started the Malmedy Massacre. What was unusual about him?
    he was not a combatant
    he was not German
    he was not part of Peiper's battle group
    he never meant to discharge his weapon

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