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Places to Visit in Kuwait!

Created by Americanq8ty

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Places to Visit in Kuwait game quiz
"Here are some interesting places you can visit if you come to visit Kuwait!"

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1. The Dickson House is a great reminder of the architectural style of Kuwait before influx of oil money. It was named for Colonel Dickson, a British political agent in Kuwait from 1929-1936. Near which Kuwaiti palace can we find this historic building?
    Dasman Palace
    Ahmadi Palace
    Bayan Palace
    Sief Palace

2. The Red Fort was the site of many historical battles in Kuwait, most notably the defeat of Saudi invaders in the early 20th century. In which area of Kuwait can we find the Red Fort?
    Sabah Al-Salem

3. Kuwait has only one notably, surviving traditional handicraft. It is a special type of weaving with sheep wool, with red being a major color in the finished pieces. What is the name of the museum where you can see samples of and purchase this handicraft?
    Beit Al-Sadu (Sadu House)
    Dar Al-Islamiya (Islamic Museum)
    Beit Al-Qattan (Qattan House)
    Dar Al-Cid (Museum of Cid)

4. This next place is iconic; a great place to get lunch and see a gorgeous 360-degree panoramic view of Kuwait - without leaving your seat. What is this rotating place to visit?
    The Liberation Tower
    Entertainment City
    Green Island
    The Kuwait Towers

5. Want to see dioramas of Kuwait in the "olden day"? Then visit this museum on the Gulf Road; it was first opened in the 1950s, but during the Iraqi invasion, it was nearly destroyed, and a lot of the traditional artifacts were looted.
    Dar Al-Cid
    Tareq Rajeb Museum
    The National Museum
    Scientific Center

6. While in Kuwait, visitors really should go to Mubarakiya. What type of place is Mubarakiya?
    The Emir's palace
    Largest wooden ship in the world
    Traditional marketplace
    The highest point in Kuwait

7. Near Doha, Kuwait, you can spend a day with your friends and family at a theme park! Kuwait doesn't have a Disney park, but with themed areas called "Arab World", "International World", and "Future World", you can find rides and shows to satisfy everyone in your group!
    Aqua Park
    Shaab Park
    Entertainment City
    Hawalli Park

8. This next museum was created by Lidia Al-Qattan and her artist husband, Khalifa Al-Qattan. Different rooms of the home have different themes, such as "Inside the Sea" (bathroom), "The Hidden World" (the pantry), and "The Universe" (master bedroom). It is in Qadsiya, Kuwait, and has lots of glass on the outside of the home.
    House of Glass
    House of Mirrors
    House of Qattan
    House of Inspiration

9. Kuwait has a lot of American restaurant chains. Keeping in mind that Kuwait is a conservative, Islamic country, which of the following restaurants is NOT found anywhere in Kuwait?
    Hard Rock Cafe
    Ruby Tuesdays

10. Farms in the desert? Of course! In the southern area of Kuwait, near the Saudi border, you can find this area - filled with fields of palm trees, green houses full of growing vegetables, sheep, and even an ostrich farm!

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