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A Postscript for Postgate

Created by bracklaman

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A Postscript for Postgate game quiz
"This quiz is a tribute to a creative man Oliver Postgate (1925-2008) who gave me fun and interest when I was growing up and delight and joy when together with my children and later their children I re-watched his animated creations on the TV."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Oliver Postgate was a man of confirmed political and social views and refused to serve as a fighting man during the Second World War on the grounds of his conscientious objection.

2. Oliver Postgate worked with this artist and creative genius who was his business and creative partner for fourteen years. Who was he?
    Peter Friftyman
    Peter Softman
    Peter Firmin
    Peter Southman

3. Oliver Postgate created this character perhaps best described as a floppy pinkish cat made from cloth. Can you name the character?

4. For those of us who had an interest in trains and engines Oliver Postgate created one of my all time favourite characters. Do you know which of these it was?
    Thomas the Tank
    Roary the Red Racing Car
    Dennis the Fire Engine
    Ivor the Engine

5. A little too high pitched for me, these creations of Oliver Postgate were never the less aliens who commanded a lot of love among children of all ages. Can you guess who they were?
    The Moonims
    The Clangers
    The Jetsons
    The Joliettes

6. I liked this programme so much as a child I used to think I must have the blood of Vikings flowing in my veins. Who was Postgate's hero who featured in the eponymous series of Nordic sagas?
    Noggin The Nog
    Miffy the Mad
    Hagar The Horrible
    Ric The Raver

7. If you were paying attention to the credits as they rolled out at the end of the various Postgate films you will know the answer to this question. What was the name of the Postgate production company?
    Smallfilms Productions
    Lovable Films
    Postgate Productions
    Kidsfun Productions

8. During the 1960s Oliver Postgate created the character and story lines about an elusive family of penguin-type persons. My main memory is of really great music. What was this series called?

9. Oliver Postgate created a delightful couple who lived in the root of a tree but who were often troubled by a rather scary witch. What was the name of this series?
    The Pogues
    The Whomes
    The Moonim
    The Pogles

10. Oliver Postgate wrote widely, using a variety of media. His topics ranged from outrageous and amusing personal views of history, political memoirs as well as scripts and one detective novel which all publishers refused to touch. Do you know what he called his autobiography?
    Post Notes
    Needful Things
    Seeing Things: An Autobiography
    I Did It My Way

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